Content Integrity

HealthNip places great importance on the editorial and medical integrity of all our content. This includes establishing strict standards for how content is created, what products we cover, how brand partners are evaluated, how language is used, and how diversity, equity, and inclusion is approached.

Our method to content creation

HealthNip is dedicated to providing accurate, reliable, and impartial health information. Our in-house editorial team works with medical reviewers and fact-checkers to create each piece of content. We are grateful for your interest in our editorial process and proud to share our strict standards with you.

Our approach to product selection

Trust is earned. We are happy to tell you more about HealthNip’s selection of products. We strive to produce balanced, objective content. We maintain a healthy separation of our editorial and business teams during the content creation process for product reviews and product roundups as well as articles with shopping links.

Our approach to diversity and equity

We are committed to listening to, engaging, and amplifying different voices through our culture, content, and creating a platform and community that is representative of all.

Our approach to product and brand vetting

We work hard to ensure that our content is high quality and integrity by only working with companies we can trust. Before including brands in our content, we rigorously vet all of the companies that we work with. Each product is subject to a similar process of vetting by our editorial teams. This ensures brand integrity and product safety.

Our approach to conscious speech

Language is an important tool for shaping the world around you. Language can empower and create identities. However, it can also erase or oppress them. Therefore, it is important to use it mindfully. HealthNip understands that language is important and we are committed to using language to make the world a better, more equal, stronger, and healthier place. We are committed to the communities we serve by using conscious language when writing, speaking, and editing.