Medical Affairs

Medical Affairs is a dedicated team that works tirelessly to ensure scientific accuracy and integrity in all HealthNip content, products, and services. The extensive HealthNip Medical Network is also managed by our dedicated team.

Our Medical Network is made up of healthcare professionals working in research, private practice, and professional organizations with extensive knowledge. The Network members have a wide range of experience in medical specialties and their perspectives from years of patient advocacy and clinical practice. This ensures that HealthNip readers get the best quality information.

Medical Network experts review the content before publication to ensure it is accurate and up-to-date with current standards of care. Our content is a true reflection of healthcare’s clinical conversations and clinical decisions between patients, their providers, and themselves.

HealthNip‘s products and services are based on the collective experience of medical professionals. This can be seen in the medical reviews of our articles, the advisory insights given on research initiatives, as well as the proactive surveillance and monitoring of the evidence landscape. This ensures that medical content is at forefront of healthcare.

Our audience is provided with insight into the latest clinical guidelines, recalls, and drug approvals. We also analyze healthcare research to provide continuous surveillance and analysis. Healthcare is constantly changing. HealthNips content, products, and services are updated to reflect this. This provides our audience with the necessary information and analysis for informed decision-making. HealthNip’s medical professionals are stewards of healthcare. Our readers feel more confident and smarter in their medical knowledge.