Best Over-The-Counter Supplements For Erectile Dysfunction

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an example of over-the-counter supplement for erectile dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction can be treated with over-the-counter (OTC) medications, including those containing herbs.

Erectile dysfunction can be attributed to physiological reasons. This means that good nutrition is crucial to solving the problem.

Good nutrition starts with smart eating habits and wise choices. It is not always possible to get all of the nutrients you need by just eating the right foods.

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Supplementation may be necessary to ensure optimal penile health. Natural supplements, such as herbs, have been used in treating erectile problems since ancient times by African and Chinese cultures.

Supplements aren’t as well-studied or tested as prescription drugs for treating erectile problems like Viagra (sildenafil), Levitra, and Cialis (tadalafil). Side effects can vary depending on the active ingredients in different erectile dysfunction supplement.

Supplementation can be very helpful in addressing erectile problems. Here’s how to choose the right erectile dysfunction supplement.

Safe Erectile Dysfunction Supplements With Positive Results

DHEA: Some evidence supports its effectiveness in treating erectile dysfunction. Although generally safe in low doses, some users have reported acne-causing effects.

L-ARGININE: Some evidence supports its ability to open blood vessels wider to increase blood flow. It has been known to cause nausea, cramps, diarrhea and vomiting in some cases. Do not take Viagra with it.

panax ginseng useful for erectile dysfunction displayed on a plate
Researchers believe that the possible cardiovascular benefits of Panax ginseng may help to minimize the incidence of erectile dysfunction in general.

GINSENG: Panax Ginseng was found to improve the sexual function of men with erectile dysfunction. The cream form, which can be applied topically, can prevent premature ejaculation.

While panax Ginseng is generally safe to use for short-term, some people may experience insomnia from using it as a supplement.

YOHIMBE: Some studies have shown that yohimbe can improve erectile dysfunctions caused by antidepressant medication. However, some side effects such as anxiety and irregular heartbeat have been found in some people. This supplement should only ever be used under the supervision of a licensed physician.

GINGKO: While this herbal supplement may have the potential to increase penile blood flow, there is no evidence that it can actually address erectile dysfunction. This herbal supplement may cause bleeding.

horny goat weed
Some men use horny goat weed in the belief that it is a natural alternative to prescription medications for erectile dysfunction (ED).

HORNY GOAT WEED (EPIMEDIUM): Although this herb contains ingredients that can improve sexual performance, no studies have been done on humans to support its effectiveness. This herbal supplement can also lower blood pressure.

Word Of Caution About Herbal Products

There are many herbal Viagra substitutes on the market. These herbal products contain undisclosed amounts of potent ingredients, which are similar to their synthetic counterparts. This increases the risk for side effects.

Some of these products contain drugs that are not found in their synthetic counterparts and require a prescription from a doctor to use. It is best to avoid taking herbal erectile dysfunction pills from unknown or poorly-respected manufacturers. Even though the FDA has banned these “herbal” supplements from being sold, they are still available illegally.

It doesn’t suffice that the manufacturers claim their products are herbal. It’s also easy to make such claims without supporting them. It’s almost impossible for consumers to tell the difference between herbal supplements made by well-established companies.

The term “herbal” does not necessarily mean that it is safe. They can be taken as-is, but some may react adversely if combined with other medications. It is best to consult a licensed doctor before you take any supplements for erectile disorder, especially if you are taking regular medications.

Online Purchase Risks

Many people now shop online for their supplements due to the many online shops that have sprung up and the ease of shopping online. Online sellers of supplements for erectile problems can contain ingredients that require prescriptions or worse.

Many men who buy erectile dysfunction pills online believe that the packaging is safe. Many of these supplements are labeled as “all natural” or “safer that prescription medications but they are just as effective.”

But the scary truth is that the label often tells a completely different story than what the contents contain. Worst of all, these supplements may contain harmful ingredients that aren’t listed on the label.

The United States Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), through its Internet and Health Fraud Division, conducted an online survey and found that more than 1/3 of online erectile dysfunction products contained prescription-grade ingredients and similar substances that were not disclosed.

These are the active ingredients in Viagra and Levitra. These supplements can be used by people with issues with Viagra or Levitra.

Although they are safer than prescription medications, side effects can be severe.

Even if these men aren’t taking Viagra or Levitra, side effects can still occur if they take prescription medications that may not mix well with the supplements’ active ingredients.

If a person is prescribed medication that contains nitrates and takes supplements that unknowingly contain sildenafil, which is an active component in Viagra, it can cause dangerously low blood pressure.

Prescription medicines that contain nitrates can be used to treat high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar.

Non-Oral Solutions For Erectile Dysfunction

Up until recently, supplemental or medical treatments for erectile problems were only available orally. While these may be effective for some men, they are not suitable for all men. Side effects from oral treatments can also cause side effects that may negate the benefits of erection.

Non-oral remedies are now available as an option to oral treatment for erectile dysfunction. There are many side effects and efficacy differences. Here’s a list with the top topical remedies for erectile dysfunction.

AndroGel: Low testosterone levels are a common cause of erectile dysfunction. This is the most common way to address this problem. However, testosterone replacement doesn’t work for men with normal testosterone levels or those with erectile dysfunction. AndroGel, which is testosterone in a gel, can be applied to the skin. Side effects include emotional instability, headaches, and acne.

Alprostadil is a topical treatment that’s classified as a vasodilator. These substances can expand blood vessels and increase blood flow. Alprostadil can be used to treat erectile problems. It is administered via injection into the penis, or by suppository insertion through the urethra. It has an efficacy rate around 80%. No known side effects.

Alprostadil can also be used topically to treat penile bleeding, scarring and bleeding. It is safe and effective in most cases of erectile dysfunction.


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