Promescent Delay Spray vs VigRX vs Stud 100: Which Is Best?

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Promescent Delay Spray vs VigRX vs Stud 100: Which Is Best?
Delay sprays, as their name suggests, delay a man’s climax, allowing sexual activity to last longer.

There are a lot of things in life you don’t want to delay – birthday parties, test results, the Superbowl – but sometimes delaying is an exquisite thing.

Whether you have problems with premature ejaculation or not, lasting longer in bed is desirable for you and your partner. And since around 30% of men deal with premature ejaculation at least a few times in their lives, a lot of research has been done on this topic.

One of the absolute best over the counter premature ejaculation pills – and just lasting longer in bed – is lidocaine. The same numbing medication we’ve been using since the 40s for wounds and burns works great to help you last longer during sex.

One of the easiest-to-use formulations is in delay sprays, which are topical applications that, well, delay orgasm.

They’re simple to use, extremely effective, and best of all, they work quickly. Let’s take a look at some of the best delay sprays on the market and how they can help you perform your best during sex.

Promescent delay spray

Promescent delay spray

What can you do when a product like lidocaine spray is thoroughly tested and has been proven effective for longer sex? You do exactly what Promescent has done with their delay spray – taken a good thing and made it even better!

Promescent delay spray is an FDA-compliant over-the-counter oil-aqueous formulated premature ejaculation spray that ensures maximum absorption into the skin, which helps in preventing the product from transferring to your partner. 


Promescent delay spray works quickly – in 10 minutes or less and lasts for roughly an hour, helping you be better in bed and enjoy longer sex. The patented formula has been improved relentlessly to minimize the expected side effects of delay sprays.

With their metered-dose spray technology, you get repeatable and trusted results every time you use the product.


Like with most products it is highly recommended that you use this product as directed. One of the biggest complaints we could find online is that it can work too well and you end up being over desensitized. The company recommends a trial run first to avoid this, and we agree.

Stud 100

Stud 100

Stud 100 is one of the oldest delay sprays around; it even has a vintage look about it. It works great, with a lidocaine formulation that has been keeping men going for decades across the world.


This is a safe, effective, tried-and-true classic delay spray. It’s also one of the lower-cost products on the market of its kind, which isn’t an indictment against its efficacy – it works well.


Though this spray does work, because of the way it is formulated, there is a much greater chance of transference to your partner than there is with sprays. Additionally, there is no 60-day money-back guarantee like there is with Promescent.

VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus

VigRx offers a wide variety of male sex supplements, and they’ve got the clinical testing on a lot of them to back up their claims. Even their delay spray is formulated with ginkgo Biloba and other botanicals that support erection health.

Their spray is a benzocaine formulation instead of lidocaine, which is effective and often used as an alternative for men who have bad reactions to lidocaine. If that’s you, VigRX might be the best alternative for you.


VigRX delay spray has been fortified with ginkgo, licorice root extract, and ginseng, all herbs that support blood flow and male hormone levels. Though there are no studies that support their efficacy in a delay spray, they probably can’t hurt.


This is definitely one of the most expensive delay sprays available, owing to the herbs and the fact that it’s benzocaine instead of lidocaine. If you can’t deal with lidocaine, however, VigRX is definitely a great choice to help you last longer in bed!

Promescent delay spray vs Stud 100 vs Vigrx Which is Best?

All three of these products are great at what they do, helping men last longer, and have better sex, but the clear winner here is Promescent Delay Spray. Their patented formula and TargetZone technology delivery method ensure you have the lowest possible chance of transference to your partner and that the product goes exactly where you need it.

How long do they last

  • Promescent: up to 90 minutes
  • Stud 100: up to 120 minutes
  • VigRX: 20-30 minutes

Of course, individual results will vary and the amount of time needed to wait before engaging in intercourse is different for all three products, which is another factor to consider.

  • Promescent 5-10 minutes
  • Studd 100: 15-20 minutes
  • VigRX: 10 minutes

Will it transfer to your partner

The good news is that all three of these are designed to not transfer to your partner. However, with Promescent’s patented formula, it has a far less chance of transference to your partner than the other sprays.

How to use the delay sprays

Very few times in your life will you find a product that works so well and is so easy to use as delay sprays. Trust us, they’re like magic for increasing your stamina.


Simply spray the directed amount onto the head and shaft of your penis and rub it into the skin.


For the most part, 5-15 minutes is the range of time before the full effect takes hold. After that, you should be good to go.


The desensitizing effect of these sprays should last you an entire hour at full strength, with diminishing potency as time goes on. The good news is that you can safely apply more if you still have more business to attend to after that first hour.

Potential side effects

Delay spray side effects
Delay spray side effects are minor, thankfully, and usually, amount to topical irritation.

  • Some men find themselves allergic to lidocaine, which causes itching, burning, or inflammation. In these cases, benzocaine is a better choice
  • If you don’t wait long enough to see how the spray affects you before applying more, you might end up overly desensitized. If this is the case, just wait a bit. It’s a good idea to do a test run by yourself before you use delay sprays with a partner, just to see how you’ll react.
  • Total penile numbness occurs in a small percentage of people who use these products. More often than not, they used far too much in too short of a time. Other factors like allergy or over-sensitivity to the ingredients could cause increased numbness as well.

Delay sprays are safe, effective, and fun!

delay sprays really do work
Do delay sprays work? Yes, delay spray helps men last longer in sex. It extends sex time for guys by 64%.

There are a few sex medicines that work as well as delay sprays. You don’t need a prescription, they work exceptionally well for both men with PE and those who don’t, and they wear off quickly. The fact that they have very few side effects makes them almost the perfect treatment for premature ejaculation.

VigRX is great for men who are interested in the power of herbs and supplements for their sex life. 

Their delay spray is expensive, but it’s formulated to help improve your overall sexual health with ginkgo, ginseng, and licorice root.

Stud 100 is the oldest name in the game, and we know it works. It’s a no-frills delay spray that has been helping men for 50 years.

Promescent has been meticulously formulated to ensure the least amount of side effects and maximum efficacy. It’s packaged and shipped discreetly to your home, and it works wonders for all men who want to last longer in bed.

No matter which product you choose, understanding that you have the power to last longer in bed is a great step towards improving your sex life. Delay sprays are safe, effective, accessible, and they work quickly. You absolutely should give them a try today.


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