Promescent Delay Wipes vs Forhims Clockstopper Wipes vs Roman Swipes: Which Is Better?

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Promescent Delay Wipes vs Forhims Clockstopper Wipes vs Roman Swipes
We compare Promescent Delay Wipes vs Forhims Clockstopper Wipes vs Roman Swipes to see which is more convenient and effective for improving your sex.

Premature ejaculation (PE) is not a sex issue that many men will bring up in general conversation. And, even though premature ejaculation is the most common sexual health concern for men, followed by erectile dysfunction, most men also won’t bring up the issue with their healthcare providers.

Thankfully, products like Roman Swipes, Promescent Delay spray, and others are available with no medical advice, diagnosis, premature ejaculation pills, or doctor involved. These products have been shown to be effective for premature ejaculation, but how do you know which ones to use for sex?

Below, we’ll take a look at three of the most popular premature ejaculation benzocaine wipes to help you last longer in bed: delay wipes from Promescent vs Roman Swipes vs forhims. Plus, you’ll get a look at what to expect, side effects, and more.

What are Promescent Delay Wipes?

Promescent Delay Wipes

Promescent Delay Wipes are single-use, premoistened delay ejaculation wipes made with a 7% benzocaine solution. You can get these wipes without a prescription through Promescent to help you last longer in bed, and you do not have to invest in a per-month subscription.

Benzocaine wipes from Promescent have gained a good reputation among men because the wipes work well for premature ejaculation (PE). The effects settle in within around five minutes, and they last plenty long enough to have satisfactory sexual activity.

As an adage, the Promescent name is well-recognized when it comes to men’s sexual health, thanks in part to Promescent spray, which is a popular lidocaine-based spray for premature ejaculation that has been medically reviewed by researchers.


  • Available without a subscription
  • No prescription or doctor required
  • Promescent is a trusted name in men’s sexual health
  • Work within minutes
  • Discreet shipping and packaging
  • Promescent offers excellent customer service
  • Made in the United States
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • More expensive than Promescent spray
  • Over-sensitization of the penis is more likely with improper use due to higher levels of benzocaine
  • More possible side effects compared to Promescent spray

What are forhims Clockstopper Climax Delay Wipes?

Forhims Clockstopper premature ejaculation wipes are another type of benzocaine wipe. The wipes are individually wrapped and moistened with a 7% benzocaine solution to help men last longer during sex after applying the solution to the sensitive parts of the penis.

Forhims is a relatively new name in men’s sexual health compared to Promescent, and their products have not been thoroughly reviewed. However, much like Roman, the company does offer online medical advice and premature ejaculation treatment with medications like sertraline.

Unfortunately, forhims wipes are substantially more costly than Promescent, even for a starter pack that contains only three wipes. Beyond the starter pack, the company offers a three-month subscription plan.


  • Available without seeking medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment
  • Higher concentration of benzocaine than Roman Swipes
  • The company also offers access to sertraline like Roman


  • More costly compared to Roman Swipes and Promescent
  • More costly compared to delay spray
  • No satisfaction guarantee
  • Brand is not as widely known as Promescent

What are Roman Swipes?

What are Roman Swipes

Roman Swipes are individually packaged wipes used to treat premature ejaculation. These premature ejaculation wipes are also available without a prescription, but contain only 4% benzocaine  in each swipe as opposed to the 7% you get from the others. Additionally, you do have to pay for a subscription through Roman to get the Swipes.

Many men claim Roman Swipes work, and medically reviewed research has shown the lower concentration of the numbing agent to still be effective for men with premature ejaculation.


  • No prescription necessary for Roman Swipes
  • Discreet packaging that fits in your wallet
  • 4% benzocaine proven effective for men with premature ejaculation in medically reviewed studies


  • Only available via a per-month subscription through Roman
  • Roman Swipes contain less of the active ingredient per dose than Promescent Wipes
  • Some men don’t get enough desensitization by using Roman Swipes
  • Roman Swipes may not last as long as other wipes
  • May not offer the best customer service, according to Roman Swipes reviews
  • No satisfaction guarantee

Delay Wipes vs Clockstopper vs Roman Swipes

Delay Wipes vs Clockstopper vs Roman Swipes

After looking at the pros and cons of different premature ejaculation wipes, it is easy to see that some products are better than others, even though all of the wipes work.

The two top concerns men have come down to how long the products last and the risk of transferring desensitization to a partner. Here’s a closer look.

How long does each of the benzocaine products last?

Promescent benzocaine-moistened wipes work on the penis for 30 minutes or longer. Similarly, forhims wipes are said to provide action for about as much time.

Unfortunately, Roman Swipes may not last quite as long with the 4% benzocaine solution—the general time is around 20 minutes, but the product may keep the penis numb for up to 30 if you’re lucky. So, Romans Swipes work, but possibly not as well or as long as the other two products.

Will any of the benzocaine wipes transfer to your partner?

As long as you use benzocaine wipes correctly, transference shouldn’t be a concern. Simply give the numbing agent enough time to absorb into the skin of the penis after application and make sure to wash your hands before foreplay.

How to use premature ejaculation wipes

One reason men like premature ejaculation wipes is they are mess-free, easy to apply to the precise parts of the penis, and usually deliver good results.

The general application process for all types of wipes looks something like this:

  1. Apply – Remove the premature ejaculation wipe from the discreet packaging and rub it across the most sensitive parts of the penis, such as the underside of the shaft or around the head.
  2. Wait – After moistening the penis skin with the wipe, wash your hands, and wait—the solution should take effect in a few minutes, depending on the products used. Wait for at least five minutes (10 is better) for the solution to fully absorb before penetrative sex.
  3. Enjoy – Now that your penis is less sensitive—usually for up to 30 minutes—enjoy the fact that you will last longer in bed and have a more fulfilling sexual experience.

Potential side effects

Thankfully, most premature ejaculation topical treatments, including both delay spray and wipes, have limited association with negative side effects. Many men use Roman Swipes, Promescent delay wipes, and forhims on a regular basis with no negative side effects to speak of.

Both benzocaine and lidocaine, and other ingredients used in climax delay products, tend to be well-tolerated. However, there is a slight chance of an allergic reaction with the use of pretty much any numbing agent.

If irritation occurs, make sure to stop using the product. If irritation persists, talk to your doctor or healthcare provider.

Other possible side effects of premature ejaculation wipes include:

  • Itching or skin irritation, such as dryness or redness
  • Excessive numbness after using too much of the benzocaine solution
  • Friction burns due to lacking sensitivity and not enough lubrication during penetrative sex

Most of these side effects are easily managed without a need for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. For example, if you experience itching to skin irritation, simply discontinue the use of the product.

As a side note, some men are more sensitive to benzocaine products than they are to lidocaine. 

Therefore, if you have a bad experience with something like Roman Swipes or another product with benzocaine, consider picking up Promescent Delay Spray—a lidocaine-based product.

Takeaways to consider with premature ejaculation wipes

Takeaways to consider with premature ejaculation wipes

With all things considered, Promescent benzocaine wipes are the clear winner among their two top competitors: Roman Swipes and forhims benzocaine wipes.

While all three premature ejaculation products contain the same active ingredient and all of the wipes work, Promescent is a trusted name among men, has the best price, and noteworthy customer service.

Are you ready to take your sexual experience to the next level with something to help you last longer? Be sure to check out Promescent Delay Wipes, Spray, and other products designed to support a healthy, satisfying sex life.


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