Do Rhino Pills Work For Premature Ejaculation?

Rhino pills, a herbal supplement, promise to do a lot of good things, like stop premature ejaculation. This makes people curious, especially since they are so easy to get.
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rhino pills for pe
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says that rhino pills are herbal supplements, so you don’t need a prescription to buy them.

If you’ve ever looked at the male enhancement products sold in gas stations, convenience stores, and other places, you may have seen different pills sold under the brand name “Rhino.”

Rhino pills, as they are called, claim to offer the same benefits as other over-the-counter sex supplements: stronger erections, more stamina, and better sex in general.

Like almost all other products that claim to help men, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims.

Also, investigations have shown that many Rhino brand products have ingredients that aren’t listed but could be dangerous.

Here, we’ll talk about what Rhino pills are, how they usually claim to work, and the many risks that come with them.

We’ve also told you about real, science-backed products you can use to treat common sexual problems like premature ejaculation safely (PE).

What Are Rhino Pills?

Rhino is a popular brand of products for men to improve their sexual performance. Usually, you can buy rhino pills at gas stations, drug stores, and online.

Rhino supplements are sold under many different names, such as:

  • Krazzy Rhino 25000
  • Platinum Rhino 25000
  • Rhino 30000
  • Gold Rhino 25000
  • Mega Rhino 82000
  • Rhino Blitz Gold
  • Rhino 69
  • Rhino 7

Most Rhino pills come in the same kind of packaging, which has a large holographic rhino as the main design feature.

Some look like they come in similar packaging with different brand names, like “Jet BlackTM,” “Jet BlueTM,” and others.

Rhino’s male enhancement products are marketed as having many health and sexual benefits, such as:

  • Getting as much sexual activity as possible
  • Stopping premature ejaculation
  • Maximizing ejaculate volume
  • Getting erections that are “rock hard”
  • Getting the penis longer, wider, and thicker
  • Adding more power and explosion to orgasms
  • Improving sexual confidence
  • “Guaranteed” enhancement

Rhino products are not okayed by the FDA, and you don’t need a prescription to buy them. People often think of them as an over-the-counter alternative to drugs like sildenafil, which is the active ingredient in Viagra®. This is because they are cheap, easy to find, and don’t require a trip to the doctor.

Do Rhino Pills Work?

Like many other supplements marketed to men as sex aids, Rhino pills are made of a mix of herbal ingredients that are said to improve sexual performance in a natural way.

On the label for Mega Rhino 82000, for example, the active ingredients are listed as zinc gluconate, horny goat weed (epimedium), white willow bark, black pepper, and Rauvolfia serpentina (devil pepper).

There is no scientific proof that Rhino pills work, and there is also no evidence that the exotic-sounding ingredients in Rhino pills or other similar over-the-counter products improve your sexual performance.

Before we get into the details of Rhino pills, let’s take a quick look at how erections and male sexual health work in general.

Erections are caused by stimulating the mind and body. When you feel sexually aroused, more blood flows into the erectile tissue in your penis. This helps you get and keep an erection while you’re being sexual.

As for your sex drive and general level of interest in sex, it depends on a lot of things, like how much testosterone and other androgen hormones your body makes, how stressed you are, and how sexually attracted you are to your partner.

Most medicines that improve sexual performance are well understood in terms of how they work. For example, most PE drugs work by bringing more blood to your penis, which makes it easier to get and keep an erection when you’re excited.

In the same way, medications that help you stay sexually active longer and stop you from ejaculating too soon either make your penis less sensitive or slow down your body’s natural process of reaching orgasm and ejaculating.

As of right now, the only real way to make your penis bigger or longer is to have surgery, which comes with its own risks and problems.

There is no scientific evidence that rhino pills increase your stamina in bed, get rid of erectile dysfunction, or make your penis bigger. There is also no credible evidence that any of the ingredients in them (at least the ones on the label) have any effects at all.

Now, this doesn’t mean that rhino pills can’t work at all or that they don’t have some kind of placebo effect on men who take them.

But medicine is based on proof that a supplement or drug works and is safe to use.

Right now, there isn’t any good scientific evidence to suggest that Rhino pills or any of the herbal ingredients in them live up to the claims made on their product labels about how well they work in the bedroom or have any real clinically significant effects at all.

Rhino Pill Warnings

But there is evidence that many of the “Rhino” brand sexual enhancement products have hidden ingredients, including some that may be dangerous.

Because Rhino is a brand name for so many different things, it’s hard to know exactly what goes into each capsule.

But the FDA has found, through several investigations, that many Rhino pills contain ingredients that aren’t listed on the label and other substances, such as active ingredients from prescription drugs that can’t legally be sold in herbal supplements.

Some lab tests have even shown that some Rhino pills contain ingredients that could be harmful and are similar to those that were taken off the market because they caused side effects.

The FDA did a lab test on Rhino 8 Platinum 8000 and found that it had the ingredients sildenafil, N-desmethylsibutramine, phenolphthalein, and diclofenac.

Sildenafil is the part of Viagra that works. It is a prescription drug for ED that can only be given to people who have been diagnosed with PE by a licensed medical professional.

N-desmethylsibutramine is an ingredient that has the same chemical structure as sibutramine, which was taken off the market in 2010 because of safety concerns. It was once used as a drug to help people lose weight.

Overall, the FDA has found more than 25 products sold under the brand name “Rhino” that contain ingredients that aren’t listed, most of which are prescription drugs.

In response to these problems, the FDA has told people not to buy or use any pills or other products that claim to help rhinos.

The FDA has also put out a few more warnings about sex pills you can buy without a prescription as a whole. Many of these products, like Rhino pills, can be bought without a prescription at gas stations, sex stores, and online.

Lab tests have shown over and over that these products are often made with harmful ingredients and prescription drugs that are not labeled.

To give you an idea of how big this problem is, a news release from the FDA in 2021 said that all 26 male sexual health supplements that the agency bought from Amazon for testing in the lab had hidden ingredients.

Also, 80% of the supplements the FDA bought on eBay had active pharmaceutical ingredients that were not listed.

This is especially worrying because many of these products are made in factories that aren’t regulated in any meaningful way. This means that the ingredients may be contaminated, or the doses of ingredients (including those that aren’t properly labeled) may be higher than what’s safe for humans.

The FDA said the following in an announcement from 2022:

“After 10 years of testing, it’s clear that retailers, distributors, and online marketplaces don’t do enough to stop these types of potentially dangerous products from being sold to consumers.

FDA can’t test all products on the market that have hidden ingredients that could be harmful. “Only a small number of the tainted over-the-counter products on the market are covered by enforcement actions and consumer warnings.”

Simply put, many male sexual performance supplements sold online that sound too good to be true are, well, too good to be true.

Not only do they often have ingredients that aren’t backed by real scientific evidence, but the companies that make and sell them often have bad reputations and don’t care much about safety.

Our recommendation? Avoid any pills, creams, or other supplements for men’s sexual health that aren’t backed by real scientific research. In particular, avoid brands that the FDA has said are often linked to tainted or unsafe products.

Risks and Side Effects of Rhino Pills

So, why is it so important to stay away from Rhino Pills and other products whose ingredients aren’t listed?

The main reason is that many of the secret ingredients used in these products can cause side effects and have major safety risks, such as the chance of causing drug interactions.

Many of these products have sildenafil, tadalafil, and other ingredients that are usually found in ED prescription drugs.

When taken with other medicines, these active drug ingredients can cause problems that could be very serious.

For example, sildenafil can cause problems when taken with nitrates and other drugs used to treat high blood pressure, angina, and other heart problems. When these medicines are taken at the same time, they can cause sudden drops in blood pressure that could be fatal.

When used with sildenafil and other PE drugs, some medicines for heart disease and high blood pressure can also cause interactions.

When you use FDA-approved prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction, your doctor will ask you about your health and other medications you take to lower the chance that you will have an interaction.

If a combination of drugs is unsafe, they can let you know ahead of time so you can change how you use erectile dysfunction drugs to avoid side effects and keep you safe.

Because Rhino pills and other sexual enhancement capsules are not FDA-approved prescription drugs, they are not subject to the same strict testing and licensing rules. And because they don’t need a prescription, a doctor or nurse can’t check to see if they are safe.

These supplements may be made in places that aren’t safe or clean. The hidden drugs in these products may not be measured correctly, which means that some supplements may have too many of these active ingredients that aren’t listed.

Simply put, when all of these things come together, the result is products that don’t work, aren’t safe, and should never be used in place of prescription pills for ED or PE.

Because of these risks, it is not recommended to take Rhino pills or other dietary supplements that claim to treat erectile dysfunction (PE) or improve sexual performance.

Safer Options for Improving Your Sexual Performance

Rhino pills and other over-the-counter sex pills aren’t recommended, but there are safe and effective ways to treat erectile dysfunction, stop premature ejaculation, and improve your sexual performance.

Prescription PE drugs like sildenafil, which is the active ingredient in Viagra, tadalafil (Cialis®), vardenafil (Levitra®), and avanafil (Stendra®) are among these.

These drugs, called PDE5 inhibitors, work by increasing the flow of blood to your penis. When taken before sex, they make it easier to get and keep an erection while you’re sexually aroused.

There are also safe and effective treatments for other problems with sexual performance, like ejaculating too early.

Products like our Delay Spray for Men, which reduces sensitivity to slowing down orgasm and ejaculation, and prescription drugs like sertraline and paroxetine, which also slow down orgasm and ejaculation, are some examples.

It’s important to talk to your doctor before using any pills, supplements, or other products to improve sexual performance.

Not only can they tell you what works and what probably doesn’t, but they can also make sure you’re safe while taking supplements or medications to improve your erections and sexual function.

Understanding the Risks of Rhino Pills

The Rhino pills you can buy online and at gas stations aren’t recommended, just like other over-the-counter sex pills and supplements for men that aren’t regulated.

Not only are these pills hard to tell if they work or not, but many of them also contain drugs that haven’t been labeled or approved, which could put your health at risk, especially if you take other medicines.

If you are worried about erectile dysfunction or early ejaculation, you should talk to your doctor or look into FDA-approved treatments for PE.

Unlike Rhino pills, these medicines have exactly what they say on the label. This means you can treat premature ejaculation, PE, and other problems with sexual performance with confidence.

We have a number of medications and treatments for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction that are available online. Prescription products are available after a consultation with a healthcare provider.

You can also read our detailed guide on the best ways to naturally protect your erection to learn more about how to improve your sexual function.


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