The Complete Guide To Premature Ejaculation (Part 4/5 – Treatment Options)

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Some of the most common treatments for premature ejaculation include behavioral strategies, topical anesthetics, medicines, and psychological counseling.

Now that you have a better understanding of premature ejaculation, learned how how to stop premature ejaculation, and the differences between male sexuality and female sexuality, it is time to put all you know to the test. This section will give you specific advice and techniques to help you manage premature ejaculation yourself. You’ll be able to work with your partner to enjoy fulfilling sex life. Let’s get started.

Take a look at a prescription

It was revealed that antidepressant medications known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibits (SSRIs), can be used to treat premature ejaculation. These medications balance your levels of dopamine and serotonin, which are neurotransmitters that regulate the ejaculation process. Your ejaculatory threshold is raised by serotonin, which delays ejaculation. Dopamine reduces this threshold and triggers it. Research has shown that men who have premature ejaculation have lower levels of serotonin.

SSRIs can increase serotonin and can also increase your ejaculatory threshold. This is the amount of time that you can have intercourse before you start ejaculating. Even tho the results may not always be spectacular — SSRIs can double your IELT for some men, it is worth looking into if you have premature ejaculation.

SSRIs were not recommended for me when I was younger, and because of my experiences with premature ejaculation, they were quite distressing. If they were, I’m sure I would have tried them. Regardless of the embarrassment and risk of side effects, or the inconvenience of speaking to a doctor. My entire sex life was affected by premature ejaculation.

It’s easy to see how an SSRI can help you boost your sexual confidence, and provide a foundation for a comprehensive plan to tackle premature ejaculation. Preventative medication alone will not cure premature ejaculation. It is important to not become dependent on it, or use it as a crutch. If you look at it this way, taking a pill doesn’t mean that you are weak or lazy.

It’s another tool in your arsenal for premature ejaculation. Other benefits of an SSRI include helping you deal with anxiety and depression related to premature ejaculation. Counseling men suffering from premature ejaculation has shown that many of them are anxious and depressed. An SSRI can help to reduce anxiety and depression and delay ejaculation.

You should also remember that some side effects, such as decreased sexual desire and nausea from SSRIs, may be counteracted by other medications, like Viagra. Yes, SSRIs can sometimes decrease your sexual desire while increasing your IELT.

Side effects from taking one medication to prevent premature ejaculation can lead to the need for another. It’s frustrating — but I’m not saying that pharmaceuticals can solve all problems. However, these tradeoffs may be worth it if you are suffering from premature ejaculation.

There are some medications that might help

Let’s look at some medications that could improve premature ejaculation. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) has not approved any medications to treat premature ejaculation. The medications listed below are all prescribed by doctors “off label”.

This means that they can be used for other conditions (depression, for instance) and may also be useful for treating premature ejaculation. These drugs may have side effects but they are safe and effective. Doctors will often prescribe them for premature Ejaculation.

Paroxetine (Paxil)

Type: SSRI

Typical dose: 20 mg/day

Side effects: Nausea, headache, sleepiness, dry mouth, dizziness

What to Expect: It may take up to six weeks for you to notice the benefits of premature ejaculation. You must continue to do this every day.

Men with liver disease, bipolar disorder or bleeding disorders or those who have had a heart attack or have just been diagnosed with it should be cautious.

Notes: This drug may interact with the antiseizure drugs phenobarbital, warfarin, Coumadin, alcohol, and other antidepressants

Prozac (fluoxetine)

Type: SSRI

The average daily dose is 10-20 mg

Side effects: Nausea, headache, insomnia, nervousness, dizziness

What to Expect: It may take up to six weeks for you to notice the benefits of premature ejaculation. You must continue to do this every day.

Men with diabetes and a history of seizures should be cautious

Notes: This medication may interact with antiseizure drugs phenobarbital, warfarin, Coumadin, lithium, sedatives and other antidepressants

Zoloft (sertraline).

Type: SSRI

Typical dose: 50 mg/day

Side effects: Nausea and headaches, diarrhea, insomnia

What to Expect: It may take up to six weeks for you to notice the benefits of premature ejaculation. You must continue to do this every day.

Men with liver disease, kidney disease or glaucoma should be cautious and consult a physician before using this product.

Notes: Warfarin (Coumadin), diazepam, Valium, sedatives and alcohol may interact

Priligy (dapoxetine)

Type: SSRI

Side effects: Nausea, headache, dizziness, nervousness

What to Expect: This product is suitable for “ondemand” use, meaning it can be used before you have sex every day.

Notes: This product is not yet available in the United States. It can be obtained by prescription in certain countries like Germany, Finland and Sweden.


Type: Phosphodiesterase type 5, (PDE5) inhibitor 25-50 mg one to two hours prior to intercourse

Side effects: Diarrhea, dizziness, facial flushing, stuffy nose, heartburn

The typical dose: This is for “ondemand” use. It can be taken before you have sexual activity, but not every day.

Men with high blood pressure, or those who have had a stroke or heart attack in the past should be cautious. Men who take nitrates should not use this product.

Notes: Interacts avec nitrates. Some antibiotics and protease inhibitors may interact.

Talk to your doctor

Although medication can be beneficial, you must get it from your doctor. I’ll repeat the last sentence: your doctor. Do not order SSRIs or prescription drugs over the Internet. It’s easy and convenient, but it can also be cheaper. It’s risky, at best.

You don’t know if the medication you ordered is safe or legitimate. Talking with a pharmacist and doctor can help you understand the interactions and possible side effects. Don’t fall for the hype of online sales and instead make an appointment to see a professional.

Many men don’t want to discuss premature ejaculation. It can be difficult to ask a doctor for assistance. This article should have given you the confidence to have a mature discussion about premature ejaculation without embarrassment. In the wake of decades of Viagra prescriptions and commercials, doctors and patients have become more comfortable talking about sexual issues.

They also see a problem as a physiological one, and not just a sexual one. There is less stigma. Despite this, it’s likely that you won’t be the only one feeling uncomfortable. It’s not uncommon for doctors to be uncomfortable discussing sex. Doctors are not likely to bring up sex with patients on their own.

It is up to you to discuss premature ejaculation. It’s likely that you will have to bring up the topic during your visit. In fact, your doctor may not know as much about premature ejaculation as you do. This is where you can do all your research. Here’s a comprehensive overview of premature ejaculation, its causes, and how you can manage it.

It should be possible to explain the problem to your doctor and what he can do for you. It is a good idea to bring information about premature ejaculation and how SSRIs may help. This guide can be used to inform your doctor.

How to prevent premature ejaculation

Your doctor will be there for you, regardless of any discomfort or lack thereof. They are likely to be open to discussing your concerns and offering possible treatments. You will need to lead this conversation, as I have said. These are some suggestions to get you started.

“I am embarrassed. But I would like to talk with you about a problem that I have.”

“I have a sexual issue that I would like to talk about.”

“I read an article on premature ejaculation, and I think that it might be something I have.”

“Do you handle sex-related issues? If so, can you refer me?”

After you have started to talk, mention that you read about SSRIs and how they can improve premature ejaculation. Your doctor should also know that premature ejaculation can be a chronic condition. Before you receive your prescription, there are some other issues that you should discuss with your doctor. Here are some things you might want to think about:

The length of time you will be taking the medication. Some studies show that some men have an increase in IELT after stopping taking SSRIs. However, these improvements will eventually fade if the medication is stopped.

I would not worry about how long you should be taking SSRIs. It doesn’t matter if you have any side effects other than mild, taking SSRIs now will help you to focus on a comprehensive, long-term approach to premature ejaculation. You can take it one step at a given time. You should concentrate on your premature ejaculation. If SSRIs do help, it’s a positive thing.

These are some possible side effects. Below is a list of side effects that are common with SSRIs. You can ask your doctor for more information on side effects and interactions between SSRIs. There are many side effects that can occur.

For example, you may not feel any side effects. You might experience mild nausea and not be able to deal with headaches. You won’t know what side effects you might experience until you actually take the medication. Talking with your doctor about the options can help you choose which SSRI is right for you. It is likely that you will start with a very low dose and increase your dosage over time.

Naturally increase serotonin

Research has shown that SSRIs are the best way to increase your serotonin levels. However, they are not the only way to go. Here are some drug-free ways to increase serotonin.

Exercise. Regular exercise can help with depression symptoms, according to studies. Although more research in humans is necessary, research in rats suggests that animals with higher levels of serotonin experience increased exercise.

While there is no evidence that physical activity can help with premature ejaculation (premature ejaculation), I believe it can and should. A daily walk, jog or bike ride can improve your mood and reduce anxiety, which are important benefits for premature ejaculation men.

Sunlight. Bright light exposure is a standard treatment for seasonal affective disorder (the so-called “winter blues”), and may prove to be more effective than antidepressant medication. Research suggests that it might increase serotonin.

This is naturally lower during winter months when days are shorter. One 2002 study showed that serotonin production is directly related to how much sunlight is received by the brain. The brighter the sun, the more serotonin can be made. We need to study the impact of bright light on premature and severe ejaculation.

A walk in the sun during lunchtime may be a good option to combat the anxiety and depression that often accompany premature elimination. A sun lamp or lightbox, which mimics the sun’s bright rays, may be worth considering.

Supplements. Here’s a quick overview of some supplements that are commonly used for premature ejaculation. They claim to increase serotonin similar to SSRI drugs. Research suggests that 5HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan), a natural compound, may increase serotonin.

There is little evidence that 5HTP supplements, which are usually made from African Griffonia seeds, can reduce depression or even treat premature ejaculation. I would recommend that you avoid such supplements and instead focus your attention to other treatments.

Can yoga stretch your IELT?

As a way of coping with premature ejaculation, relaxation is often recommended. It’s not surprising that premature ejaculation can be exacerbated by stress.

Deep breathing, meditation and physical activity are all ways to reduce stress. Counseling is another option. However, little clinical research has been conducted to establish whether certain relaxation techniques actually increase premature ejaculation.

This is beginning to change. In 2007, 68 men were diagnosed with premature ejaculation. A study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine was published. Half of the men received a daily dose SSRI fluoxetine, while the other half were required to practice yoga for one hour each day.

Yoga poses focused on strengthening the pelvic muscles and deep breathing. Eight weeks later, 82 percent (82%) of the men who took fluoxetine saw a significant clinical improvement in premature ejaculation. The IELTs were also increased. All of the men in yoga improved.

Although more research is necessary, this study shows that yoga may be beneficial for men with premature ejaculation. It may help improve focus, strengthen the pelvic muscles and manage stress. Another benefit? Evidence suggests that yoga can increase sexual arousal in women and provide better orgasms. This is a good reason to take a yoga class with your partner or alone.

Give yourself a helping hand.

Masturbation is something I recommend that almost doesn’t seem like work. Masturbation, and how you approach it, can be a great way to manage premature ejaculation, regardless of whether you are single or in a relationship.

This guide explains that a powerful cocktail containing neurochemicals, the chemical messengers dopamine and serotonin, can take over sexual arousal when you are having fun or playing with your partner. This cocktail can make you feel like your body has been lifted.

It can be more difficult for guys suffering from premature ejaculation to control their ejaculation. Masturbate allows you to pay more attention and be more attentive to the different levels of arousal. Masturbation is more than just a great feeling. Masturbation is a powerful tool to deal with premature ejaculation.

Getting started

This is one way to prevent premature ejaculation. Don’t get too “graphic with your graphics” yet. I recommend that you start slowly and avoid using magazines, DVDs, or Internet porn before you dive into the familiar habits of masturbation.

We discussed earlier how visual stimulation, namely pornography, decreases your ejaculatory threshold. Two factors are responsible for this: physical stimulation (reflex-based) and visual stimulation, and porn — because it contains high levels of visual novelty — increases dopamine transmission.

Masturbating without porn reduces a key input to the ejaculatory reaction and also tries to decrease dopamine transmission so we can concentrate on the physical nuances that sexual arousal.

For now, you can masturbate without visual aids. You can rely on your imagination and the physical friction that comes with masturbation. Listen to what sensations you feel. Get used to feeling close to orgasm, but slow down before you go (see below section on Kegel exercises).

For a few days, continue to masturbate in this manner before you move on to the next stage. You should pay extra attention to the sensation of ejaculatory necessity and approach the point of no return without moving past it.

You can experience one to two orgasmic contractions and the expulsion of a few drops “precome” which will help release some of the blood engorgement in your genitals as well as some of the sexual tension. You may notice a slight increase in your arousal, and you might be able to last longer. This technique can cause a loss or soft erection in some cases.

This is especially true if you are older and your refractory period (the time it takes to get an erection back) has increased. Masturbation can be a great way to test this technique to see if it is right for you. It will be helpful to become more aware of your arousal process and expand it rather than rush through it.

Masturbation Plus

After you have mastered the technique, it is time to add some porn. Pornography can be especially beneficial for men with premature ejaculation. It introduces a high degree of visual stimulation and, therefore, excitement, which is similar to what you feel when you have sex.

Masturbating can be compared to learning how to drive. If you think masturbating is just a way of getting around a parking lot at night, then masturbating with porn would be like driving on the highway at dawn. Although there are fewer drivers than before, it is still closer to the real thing.

Remember that your goal when using porn is to keep the same physical awareness as when you were masturbating with no visual aids. You want to feel in control of your sexual urges and to be able to pull back after having had enough.

A word about it:

As a sex counselor and relationship coach, I spend a lot time helping men detox from porn. Although “addiction” might seem like a strong term to describe the problem of sexual dependency, many men are now able to access porn online. This article explains that sexual arousal can affect your brain’s reward centers just like other addictive behaviors, such as gambling and drugs.

This is a problem for two reasons. First, porn can provide men with a lot of visual stimulation and can lead to boredom when it comes to real sex. As we age, our refractory periods become longer. This is the time it takes for your body to recover from its pre-aroused state or the length of time you wait between erections. You may lose your natural libido if you waste it on porn.

Although I often recommend that men cut down on porn, I prefer to do the opposite with guys who have premature ejaculation, especially during training. Men with premature ejaculation often have a different experience than men who aren’t.

Men who depend on porn for masturbation may develop unique masturbatory styles. This means that they may use different friction and pressure levels to masturbate than what is actually happening during real sex. They may experience difficulty in having real sex after they get used to the masturbation style. This is called delayed ejaculation.

This desensitization is not only a problem for most men, but can also be beneficial for those with premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation can be controlled by using more stimulation. Porn and other forms of erotic material can help manage premature ejaculation.

However, you need to be aware of the potential problems. Porn, like SSRI drugs, can cause side effects and tradeoffs. These issues can be avoided by being aware, monitoring them and weighing the pros and cons.

Here are some techniques to try.

These are just three things you should consider when masturbating.

Lubrication. Do not add any lubrication to your hands when you start masturbating for the purpose of managing premature ejaculation. Dry your hands. Once you are able to recognize and delay your point of ejaculatory inevitableness, you can add lube with porn. This will increase your physical stimulation.

sleeves. Sleeves are also known as “artificial vaginas.” They provide more stimulation for masturbation. There are many sizes and shapes available, some of which resemble flashlights or motorcycle grips. They also come with silicone coatings.

It’s simple. You just need to insert your penis in the sleeves and then pump it away. Some sleeves are designed to delay premature ejaculation. Although such claims may seem exaggerated it is worth trying a sleeve. You can use one after you have learned to recognize your point in ejaculatory necessity with regular masturbation to help you get used the higher levels of stimulation. Sites like sell sleeves

Kegels. Women have long been advised to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, also known as the pubococcygeus or PC, to help with bladder control, labor pains, and improve sex life. These exercises are also known as Kegels after the 1940s doctor who created them. They may also help prevent incontinence in men. Kegels can also be used by sex therapists to treat premature ejaculation. They allow you more control of your pelvis.

Although I think Kegel exercises are a pre-ejaculation management tool that is overhyped, it can be a great way to identify and contract these muscles and help you get away from the point where ejaculatory inevitability occurs during intercourse and masturbation. Here are some tips to help you identify and exercise your PC muscles.

  • As if you want to stop passing gas or urine flowing, tighten your rectum.
  • Do not perform the exercises while you are actually urinating.
  • As you perform the exercises, your PC muscles should be pulling inwards and upwards. Your penis and testicles may also feel a little more flexible.
  • For 3 to 5 second, hold the contraction and then release them for 3 to 5.
  • You can repeat up to seven cycles of relaxing and contracting at once, at least three times per day.

Do you need to masturbate before having sex?

If masturbation can be helpful in ejaculating prematurely, then should you also masturbate before having sex? This is a common approach that premature ejaculated men have tried. It seems natural to masturbate immediately to “get it out” and make your body last longer.

It’s not so simple. Although masturbating before having sex can delay ejaculation, it is not a viable option. My experience is that older men have difficulty regaining an effective erection. I’ve also seen younger men struggle to get an erection after masturbating. However, they are more likely to do so when they’re surrounded by a person, and their IELT doesn’t increase.

Some men are unable to regain soft or even quick erections. A man can ejaculate physiologically without having an erection. Many men who have premature ejaculation are in this position. Second ejaculations, in this instance, after masturbation or during intercourse, are often not as enjoyable as the first. Masturbing before sex is a good way to mask the fact that you have premature ejaculation. It doesn’t solve the problem. This article will help you to make progress in your ability delay ejaculation.

Final words

You should be able to manage premature ejaculation yourself after you have finished reading this section. You’ve taken one step closer towards lasting longer by getting a prescription for SSRIs or other medications. You’ll be able to put together all the lessons you have learned with your partner. You want to live a happier sex life.

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