Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray Review: What To Expect

People who have premature ejaculation are increasingly looking for over-the-counter desensitizing condoms, sprays, and wipes (PE). Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray is one of them. But does this treatment for early ejaculation work for you?
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trojan extended pleasure spray
Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray is a spray made with benzocaine to help men stay in bed longer.

Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray: Pros and Cons

As with all delay sprays for PE, the Trojan Extended Pleasure spray has some pros and cons to think about.

Look at the following list of pros and cons:


  • A little cheaper than some products that make pleasure last longer and help you ejaculate earlier. 
  • Products with benzocaine usually have a low risk of side effects. 
  • It is safe to use with condoms made of latex.


  • It looks like you can only buy Trojan Extended Pleasure Delay spray at big-box stores. 
  • Sprays made with benzocaine are not as good as sprays made with lidocaine. 
  • It must be washed before and after getting together. 
  • It is not a good idea to use it while having oral sex.

What does Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray do?

The active ingredient in Trojan Extended Pleasure spray is a 7.5 percent benzocaine solution, which makes it a numbing spray. It is meant to be put directly on the penis to help men who ejaculate too quickly stay in bed longer.

Usually, it takes about 10–15 minutes for the spray to start working, depending on how other products work. Once put on the penis, the effects of desensitizing will last between 30 and 45 minutes.

Does the Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray work?

When used correctly, Trojan Extended Pleasure delay spray should work for most men who want to spend more time in the bedroom.

There are no formal studies on the Trojan brand duration spray, which is too bad. Still, there are good Trojan Extended Pleasure Delay Spray reviews from regular people who have used it.

A few anecdotal reports, on the other hand, say that the spray doesn’t seem to work as well as expected.

What Can You Expect?

Even though Trojan Extended Pleasure spray hasn’t been studied in a formal way, it’s likely that it will improve performance in some way.

Topical benzocaine products have been tested to see how well they work for men with PE. These studies could give us some information about the Trojan benzocaine-based spray.

On the other hand, sprays with lidocaine, like Promescent Delay Spray, may be even more helpful in the bedroom.

In an event-level study of Promescent, the average amount of time it took to ejaculate went from 6.81 minutes without the spray to 11.16 minutes with it.

How Do You Use Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray?

It’s easy to use Trojan’s duration spray. You only need to wait a few extra minutes for the spray to get into the penis skin and start working.

Just follow the three steps that the manufacturer gives you:

1. Apply the spray

Figure out where your penis hurts the most and spray the spray on those spots. Trojan says to put the spray around the head and maybe down the shaft as well.

As with other delayed-release sprays, it can take a little trial and error to figure out which parts of the penis need to be desensitized.

With our metered-dose spray and TargetZone Technology, Promescent makes it easy and safe to use delay spray. Every spray will give you the same amount right where you need it most.

And having too little product is better than having too much. So, it’s best to start with a small amount of spray on specific spots and then make changes as needed.

2. Let the spray dry first

Benzocaine works pretty quickly, and it may even work before the solution has completely dried on the penis.

Most reviews of Trojan Extended Pleasure delay spray say that the penis is completely dry after about 10 minutes.

If there is still fluid on the penis after the allotted time, you should wash it off so that it doesn’t get on your partner while you’re making love.

3. Clean up after using

Trojan says in the instructions for how to use Trojan Extended Pleasure spray that you should wash the product off after you use it.

Most men clean up after themselves after having sex, so this extra step shouldn’t be a problem. To keep the penis from being exposed to the benzocaine solution for too long, just wash it with soap and water.

Questions about Trojan Extended Pleasure Delay Spray

How long does the Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray work?

Trojan doesn’t say how long the desensitizing effect will last, and it can be different for different people depending on how sensitive they are and how much of the product they use.

It’s important to know that benzocaine isn’t as strong as lidocaine. This could mean that a benzocaine spray might not last as long as a product like Promescent Delay Spray, which is made with lidocaine.

Can I use a condom with Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray?

On their benzocaine spray, Trojan says that the product works with latex condoms, but there have been no studies to prove this.

To use the spray with a condom, make sure the product has dried on the skin before putting on the condom. If not, the benzocaine will spread out over the whole penis, making the whole thing less sensitive.

Will Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray contaminate your partner?

When used correctly, Trojan Extended Pleasure spray, like other benzocaine-based products, has a low chance of spreading to a partner.

Just make sure to let the product dry completely before getting intimate or playing with a partner. After the product has been absorbed by the skin, wash the penis with soap and water to reduce the risk of transfer even more.

How often can you use the Trojan Extended Pleasure Delay Spray?

Trojan says that you shouldn’t use the product more than four times a day to reduce the chance of bad side effects.

Even though it’s not said outright, it might be best to wait a little while between each application to avoid taking in a lot of benzocaine in a short amount of time.

Can Trojan Spray be used for oral sex?

Trojan, unlike some other benzocaine products for early ejaculation, says on the label that the product should not be taken by mouth.

Even though this means you shouldn’t put the solution in your mouth, it might also be best to avoid oral sex while using Trojan’s Extended Pleasure spray.

Potential Side Effects

Most of the time, people who use Trojan Extended Pleasure spray have reactions to the benzocaine in it. As with all desensitizing products for premature ejaculation, it is important to only use them if there are no known allergies or sensitivities to the active ingredients.

In rare cases, people who use it may get a rash, itch, feel like their skin is burning, or have some other kind of skin irritation. If any of these happen, wash the product off right away and stop using it.

Methemoglobinemia is a rare disease that has been linked to the use of benzocaine. This usually only happens when a lot of the anesthetic is used. Methemoglobinemia lowers the amount of oxygen in the blood and can be fatal.

Call a doctor right away if any of the following happens:

  • Confusion 
  • Dizziness or severe fatigue
  • Changes in the color of the skin, such as becoming pale, gray, or having blue lips 
  • Changes in the color of the nails, like turning blue 
  • Shortness of breath 
  • Fast heartbeat 
  • Nausea

Other treatments for premature ejaculation

When PE is a sign of erectile dysfunction (ED), you can treat it with medicines or devices for ED as well as with topical treatments. You can also use a penis extender to reduce the sensitivity of the penis.

ED medication

PDE5 inhibitors are a type of drug that is used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). Even though PDE5s don’t work to make ejaculation last longer, they do improve blood flow to the penis, which helps it get and keep an erection long enough for sex. If you have ED and PE, the medicines you take to treat your ED may also help your PE.

In this group, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the following ED drugs:

  • Vardenafil
  • Sildenafil
  • Tadalafil
  • Avanafil

Most ED medicines can only be bought with a prescription. Still, the best thing to do before taking any medicine to treat PE is to talk to a doctor.

In Conclusion

Based on how other treatments that use benzocaine on the skin to stop early ejaculation work, Trojan Extended Pleasure delay spray should improve performance.

Some evidence suggests that sprays with lidocaine may have effects that last longer and give better performance gains.

When benzocaine-based products are used correctly, the risk of side effects is low. However, some men may still be allergic to the solution and have a reaction to it.

There isn’t a lot of information given about the product, so it’s hard to know what to expect. Most stores sell it for just over $10, so giving it a try won’t break the bank.


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