Nootopia Review

Nootopia, a company that specializes in nootropic supplements, has recently come under scrutiny for their lack of transparency regarding the dosing and ingredients in their products. Many experts in the field have criticized the company for their reckless use of stimulants and other compounds that are barely legal in some territories and outright illegal in others. While some of their formulas may be promising, the company's obliqueness and disregard for their customers' health have made many hesitant to trust them. Additionally, the high price tags on their products have led some to look towards more economical and reputable brands for their cognitive support needs.
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Experience a new level of cognitive enhancement with Nootopia’s powerful blend of nootropics, designed to optimize your brain function and support mental clarity.

What Is Nootopia?

Nootopia is not a single nootropic supplement, but rather a brand that encompasses several different nootropic supplements intended to be used as stacks. BiOptimizers, a US supplement company known for their aggressive marketing strategies and lack of scruples, recently acquired Nootopia. However, the range was originally created by Mark Alan Effinger, a well-known nootropic enthusiast.

Nootopia currently offers nine distinct nootropic formulations that can be used individually, but the manufacturers recommend using them as part of their expensive stacks. These supplements include Brain Flow, Focused Savagery, Nectar X, The Apex, Upbeat, Power Solution, Zamner Juice, Mental Reboot, and GABAlicious, each designed to optimize cognitive and mental wellbeing, enhance creativity, focus, concentration, and reduce stress and anxiety.

Nootopia stands out by providing a Brilliant Mind Blueprint guide to using their supplements optimally and tracking progress with a free app. While this may appeal to some tech-loving, detail-oriented users, others may find it overwhelming and self-defeating. Nootopia claims to offer fully personalized stacks tailored to each individual, but the truth is blurred, and it appears to be a marketing ploy from a company known for their aggressive marketing tactics.

Despite some negatives, Nootopia provides a clever set of well-designed nootropics that could potentially offer significant benefits to certain individuals.

How Nootopia Works

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Nootropia’s price point is a tough pill to swallow, with prices ranging from around $100 to $400. They’re not just pricey, they’re incredibly expensive. While the stacks are impressive and chock-full of beneficial ingredients, you start to see diminishing returns after the first $50 or so. In comparison, single top-tier nootropic supplements such as NooCube (my personal favorite) can set you back around this same amount and provide you with everything you need to boost cognitive function and mental wellbeing.

When choosing your stack, you’ll go through a questionnaire that supposedly helps Nootropia personalize your blend. However, experts have agreed that this process is largely ineffective. Creating capsules for each person separately would be an unfeasible task even at Nootopia’s prices.

Adding to this, Nootropia hides their product ingredients behind proprietary blends, which raises concerns about transparency. Without knowing the doses of each ingredient, it’s difficult to determine how personalized the product actually is.

That said, the ingredients in Nootropia’s formulas seem promising. Assuming the doses are correct and safe, the supplements should help reduce stress and anxiety levels while improving focus, creativity, attention, energy, and more. This is exactly what you should expect from a nootropic.

Does Nootopia Work?

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In this section, I will be combining the ingredient breakdown and review of Nootopia’s products to provide a more comprehensive evaluation. Due to the numerous products available, it is not feasible to review each one individually. Instead, I will focus on the overall performance of the brand and provide an analysis of a few sample supplements to help you make an informed decision before purchasing.

As a resident of the UK, I encountered some challenges accessing Nootopia’s products. Certain compounds used by the brand are illegal in many countries, including Europe. Additionally, Nootopia’s lack of dosage information and other pertinent details do not comply with Europe’s strict standards.

I want to caution against proprietary blends, as they can be misleading. Unfortunately, Nootopia’s products fall under this category.

Nootopia’s use of Omnipept is ambiguous, making it challenging to ascertain its properties. Upon closer examination, I discovered that Omnipept is a blend of various racetams and herbal extracts. This combination enhances the racetams’ potency, but it also means that the product is borderline illegal in some regions, including Europe. Nootopia uses a nondescript name to mask this fact.

Racetams are a dubious class of drugs that share a pyrrolidone nucleus. Some, like piracetam, aniracetam, oxiracetam, pramiracetam, and phenylpiracetam, are commonly used as pharmaceutical-grade nootropics. These substances are prescription-only in most areas and occupy a legal gray area in the US. Over-the-counter nootropic supplements should not contain racetams.

Nootopia also utilizes capsule-in-capsule technology, which entails placing smaller capsules inside a larger one to boost the supplement’s efficacy. Nootopia does not provide scientific evidence to support this claim.

Aside from racetams, Nootopia’s products contain high-quality ingredients. Brain Flow, their primary nootropic aimed at improving mental performance, includes beneficial components such as guarana, ginger, pregnenolone, curcumin, and nandina extract. While this approach may not provide a specific nootropic benefit, it does offer a mild energy boost and enhances blood flow to the brain.

Focussed Savagery aims to increase drive while improving focus and concentration, similar to the effect of a double espresso. However, combining it with caffeine is not advisable due to its high dosage, which may result in stomach upset and cramps. During my trial, I experienced a severe headache, likely due to the ingredients’ excessive dose, as the list includes methyl B-100, l-tyrosine, coleus forskohli, caffeine and caffeine anhydrous, guarana, CDP-choline, curcumin, omnipept-N, vitamins, and botanicals. High doses of these ingredients can be hazardous, and I cannot recommend Focussed Savagery in good faith. Combining l-tyrosine, stimulants, and racetams is ill-advised.

Nectar X embodies many of the practices I dislike in Nootopia’s products. It provides a pleasant sensation, much milder than Focussed Savagery, and produces a gentle energy boost with few side effects. I was able to take it for more than a day or two without becoming ill, which is noteworthy given my experience with other Nootopia products. However, the ingredient list is too long for such a mild effect and includes SuperCelastrus, acetyl-l-carnitine, vitamin B12, uridine monophosphate, l-theanine, citric acid, caffeine anhydrous, phenylalanine, arginine AKG, rhodiola rosea, D-ribose.

What Is This All About?

In order to achieve the desired dosage, some of the ingredients in these supplements are included in extremely small amounts, which may be why Nectar X is now available as a soluble powder rather than a capsule.

My second point concerns the concealment of ingredients lists, which is problematic because powders often contain a plethora of unnecessary fillers, preservatives, and artificial flavorings. While I cannot determine the specific additives in this powder, it does have a strong taste and mixes well, which suggests the presence of numerous additives.

Although there are many other supplements available in their range, the main takeaways are clear: these products are often quite potent and sometimes even dangerously so. Unfortunately, they do not disclose the quantities of their ingredients or the additives used, and more than half of the ingredients are undisclosed. This leaves consumers in the dark, relying solely on trust, which is not ideal, especially considering that some of the products can cause immediate sickness.

While some of these supplements may be effective, their high cost is not justified. Nectar X, for instance, produces only mild effects, whereas Focussed Savagery can be overwhelming and lead to headaches. It is reasonable to expect a more balanced option that does not compromise one’s health. In the long term, continued use of some of these supplements may prove detrimental to one’s health.

The app is a decent tool, allowing users to track their progress over 30-day intervals and identify which supplements work best for them (assuming there is an option to track the negative side effects such as headaches and nausea). It also provides tips for optimizing one’s supplement regimen, though it is difficult to see how a product like Focussed Savagery could be further optimized. While the app is user-friendly and effective, it is underwhelming given the high cost of the products it supports.

In Conclusion

As an avid nootropic user, I am always on the lookout for effective cognitive enhancers to support my busy lifestyle as a physically active writer and parent. However, despite the promising potential of some of Nootopia’s formulas, I simply cannot bring myself to purchase from them.

Their failure to disclose full ingredients lists and dosing information is a major red flag, rendering it impossible to know what exactly you are putting in your body. This lack of transparency is a serious concern, and a non-starter for me.

Furthermore, some of their formulas are not only ineffective, but also hazardous to your health. Nootopia recklessly incorporates compounds with questionable legality, including substances that are either controlled substances or even illegal without a prescription in certain jurisdictions. It is simply unacceptable for a company to be so cavalier with their customers’ wellbeing, and I cannot entrust my own health to such a disregardful brand.

Moreover, Nootopia’s products are overpriced, bloated with unnecessary ingredients, and clearly aimed at exploiting their customers’ desire for an edge. It is a transparently greedy business model, and I refuse to pay their exorbitant fees for the dubious benefits of their products.

Instead, I would urge consumers to look elsewhere for more cost-effective, trustworthy nootropic options. NooCube is an excellent alternative, offering all the cognitive-enhancing benefits without the accompanying health and legal risks, and with a much more reasonable price point to boot. Save your money and protect your wellbeing by avoiding Nootopia and opting for a safer, smarter choice.


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