Acne Face Map In Chinese Medicine: 7 Problem Areas

Chinese medicine has used skin mapping, also called "face reading," for more than 3,000 years. It sees the face as a map, and each part of the face is linked to a different organ. Chinese acne face map is very helpful, but it is not based on the science completely.
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acne face map in chinese medicine
Face mapping shows how spots of acne on the face are linked to certain health problems.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) says that your face shows how healthy you are on the inside. Chinese acne face map, which is also called “Chinese face mapping,” has been around for 3000 years. People used to see the face as a map of the body, with each part of the face being linked to a different organ system.

TCM says that blemishes and acne on the face can also be caused by an organ system that is out of balance. Other common causes of acne include too much oil production and bad skin care habits. After that, acne face map can be used to help figure out what’s causing an acne outbreak and how to treat it.

1. Forehead: Small intestine and nervous system

Our nervous system has a big effect on our intestines. In fact, our CNS controls how our digestive system works. Deep lines across the forehead can be a sign of an overactive nervous system and bad health in the intestines. It could be a sign of a leaky gut, SIBO, or an imbalance of bacteria. Yang is the part of the nervous system that deals with stress, work, and physical activity. So, you want to make sure you balance these with yin activities like meditation, rest, relaxation, play, and sleep.

Problems can also be caused by bad food choices, especially refined sugar and carbs, which feed pathogens. Stress of any kind, drinking too much alcohol, and not spending enough time in nature can also make things worse. Eat prebiotic and probiotic foods, such as raw cacao, colorful vegetables, and sauerkraut, to feed this acne face map area. Also, by chewing more thoroughly, only eating when you’re relaxed, taking probiotics and digestive enzymes with meals, taking bone broth, collagen, and glutamine to heal the small intestine, and doing yoga or Qi Gong to activate the parasympathetic Yin state.

2. Forehead Corners: Kidney/bladder

The kidneys and bladder are shown by the corners of the forehead, near the temples. Grooves, lines, and new acne growth in this acne face map area are signs of problems with the kidneys. Fear and stress that last for a long time hurt the kidneys (being overly reactive).

Also, sugar, drugs, long-term infections, inflammation, and any behavior that is too much for these glands weaken them. Reduce stress, drink a healthy amount of fluids (spring water, raw coconut water, herbal tea), get enough rest, and use herbs like Lycium, parsley, Chanca Peidra, and He Shou Wu to help the kidneys.

3. Between the Eyebrows: The Liver

The liver controls getting rid of toxins, digesting food, and how you feel. If the body has too many toxins, processed foods that are hard to digest, or bad feelings, it shows up in this acne face map area. Also, each organ system has an emotion that goes with it. Anger is the emotion that goes with the liver. Maybe this is why people who are often angry and frustrated are more likely to have a deep groove between their eyes on their forehead.

Also, the liver is most closely linked to the skin. Any skin problems are a sign of a liver problem, so taking care of your skin also helps your liver. So, if you want to cut down on your toxic intake, make sure to replace any toxic skin care products with natural, organic ones. To fix this, eat and drink things like turmeric, leafy greens, bitters, and a healthy amount of clean protein. Also, learn to calm down and stop having angry thoughts all the time. Reduce the amount of toxins you are exposed to overall, meditate, walk in nature, and don’t take life too seriously.

4. Eyebrows and under-eye area: kidneys and adrenal glands

The water element rules the kidney system, which is in charge of all the fluid in the body. It also controls how we react to stress. When the body is dehydrated because of bad habits or a lot of stress, it hurts the kidneys and shows up as bags under the eyes, dark circles, puffiness, or inflammation around the eyebrow ridge.

In general, your eyebrows should be darker than the hair on your head. If they aren’t, it could be a sign that your kidneys aren’t working well. To fix these problems, drink a lot of good water. Sip it slowly throughout the day, and don’t gulp it down, because that dilutes the kidneys. Also, stay away from refined salt, sugar, and too much caffeine, as these things make the kidneys weak. Eat foods that are high in minerals, get enough sleep, and deal with how you feel when you’re stressed.

5. Heart-Nose

Having problems with the nose is a sign of heart trouble. The left side of your nose is like the left side of your heart, and vice versa. The whole acne face map area can tell us a lot about how the heart is doing. Blackheads are a sign of congestion in the heart, and redness is a sign of problems with blood sugar or blood pressure caused by too much alcohol, sugar, or processed foods. The heart is hurt by anger, sadness, and being stubborn.

You can help your heart by letting others in, forgiving them, and trying to understand them. You can also lower your cholesterol by eating fewer sugary and refined carbs and by choosing cholesterol that is better for you. Omega-3 fatty acid foods like anchovies, sardines, and cod liver oil can help reduce inflammation. Reishi, pearl, and white peony are all great herbs for the heart.

6. Mouth and chin: Colon and stomach

Any problems with the mouth or the acne face map area around it could be a sign of a problem with the colon or stomach. Ulcers in the mouth, for example, may be a sign of the same dangerous heat or ulcers in the stomach. As a major organ in the digestive system, the colon is obviously connected to the stomach. It makes sense that if something is wrong with the stomach, it will also affect the colon. TCM says that dampness is the most common problem that happens in the stomach.

Long periods of too much heat, which, interestingly enough, can be caused by too many raw or cold foods, lead to dampness. Because the stomach has to “heat up” our food to match the temperature of our bodies, when we eat only raw or cold foods, the stomach has to make more HCL to “heat up” the food, which burns out the stomach and makes it wet. When there is a problem with dampness, there is usually mucus in the colon, yeast and fungus infections, and poor digestive health in general.

Problems can happen if you eat too many raw foods or too many sweet foods. If your mouth or lips are dry, it could mean that your body is too dry, which is the stage between being too hot and being too wet. Before matters get worse, seek balance in your diet. Most of your meals should be warm and lightly cooked. This will help your body make healthy HCL and deal with dryness and dampness. You can also fix these problems with fibers like chia, marshmallow, slippery elm, and aloe vera that make the skin smoother.

7. Cheeks: Stomach/spleen

The stomach and spleen work together to get Qi out of food. They are in charge of digestion. Since the cheeks are near the mouth, many of the same rules that apply to the mouth also apply here. The difference is that problems with too much heat tend to show up mostly in this acne face map area. When the cheeks are red, it means that there is inflammation in the stomach. But there are some things that can go wrong in this acne face map area.

Most can be fixed by learning to control your feelings and, surprisingly, by drinking enough fluids (only between meals, 1-2 hours after eating, and 15 minutes prior). The stomach is where fluids come from and needs a lot of them, so don’t underestimate how important it is to stay hydrated. True beauty comes from the inside out, both emotionally and physically.

There is nothing more beautiful than being healthy and having a good heart and mind. If you want real beauty, the end goal should be your overall health. That’s also what we want to do here at Alitura.

Alitura is Latin for feeding and nourishing, and that’s exactly what our skin care products do for your skin. So, use all-natural products and the advice above to take care of your skin properly and let your beautiful soul shine.


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