Can Drinking Matcha Tea Help Clear Up Acne?

What if I told you that a certain kind of green tea might be the best drink for people with acne? A tea that has more antioxidants than regular green tea, fights insulin resistance, and protects your skin from sun damage better?
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matcha tea to help get rid of acne
It has been shown that drinking matcha tea can reduce the amount of sebum in the skin and reduce inflammation.

How drinking green tea helps clear up acne

It’s a tasty herbal tea made from leaves of Camellia sinensis that haven’t been oxidized too much during processing. Green tea was first made in China, but now it is made in many Asian countries. But did you know that green tea might also help clear up your acne?

In addition to these good effects, green tea has a magical ingredient that helps fight acne. Well, it’s not magic, but it does help a lot when it comes to getting rid of acne naturally. EGCG is a type of polyphenol that is known to help clear up acne. Matcha tea for acne can help balance hormones, especially androgens, which are known to make the skin pump out too much sebum. Too many skin cells get stuck together in your pores because of sebum. This makes inflammation worse in the long run.

Anti-fungal properties

This wonderful antioxidant in matcha tea for acne also helps kill Candida. Candida is when there are too many yeast cells in the body. This can hurt the immune system and give you acne. A lot of people have Candida but don’t even know it. If you often want to eat sugar, you may have it. Do not worry, though, because a change in diet can cure it. EGCG makes it hard for Candida to make and keep biofilm. Biofilm lets Candida hide from your immune system, so breaking up the biofilm is an important way to fight systemic Candida infections.

In addition to all of these benefits, green tea is a great anti-fungal treatment, which helps with acne and other skin problems. Matcha tea is a great and natural way to take care of your skin. Here’s a tip: you can also make a paste by mixing a little bit of matcha powder with water. Give it about 15 minutes to work, then wash it off.

Boosts the body’s ability to fight free radicals

Catechins, which are found in green tea, have been shown to increase the body’s total plasma antioxidant activity.

Antioxidant levels are lower in people with severe acne than in people with mild acne. There isn’t always a clear link between how much antioxidants you eat and how many antioxidants you have in your body, but antioxidant supplements have shown some good results.

We also know that Malondialdehyde, which is a sign of oxidative stress (damage from free radicals and a lack of antioxidants), goes down after drinking green tea.

Catechins also work as antioxidants in a test tube, which means they may stop other antioxidants like vitamin E from oxidizing.

Helps protect the skin

In a randomized, split-face clinical trial that lasted 8 weeks, a part of green tea helped acne a lot and was safe to use. In another study, people either drank a drink with green tea polyphenols that had a total of 1402 mg of catechins per day or a control drink. After 12 weeks of drinking green tea, blood flow and oxygen to the skin were better. Green tea was shown to protect the skin from UV rays that are bad for it and to help improve the skin quality of women overall.

Green tea may also help the skin in other ways, like by lowering testosterone and raising insulin levels.

Matcha is anti-inflammatory

Inflammation is what makes pimples and whiteheads look nasty, red, and angry. Acne infections are simple and usually harmless. They happen when a pore gets clogged. Your body’s natural defense against this simple infection is a pimple.

As I talk about here, most people who have acne also have chronic inflammation because they don’t eat well. This means that your body treats almost any minor infection, like acne, as a dangerous threat. The result is a never-ending cycle of redness and pimples on your face from inflammation and infection.

Matcha tea saves the day once again. Antioxidants in green tea have been shown to stop the body from making more cells that cause inflammation (R). Less inflammation means fewer pimples, whiteheads, and acne scars, which is another huge benefit of drinking matcha.

Matcha helps keep your gut healthy

There are a lot of foods in our modern diets that are bad for our digestive systems. Anti-nutrients called lectins are found in wheat, pasta, corn, and some legumes, all of which are bad for the gut. Leaky gut syndrome can be caused by a gut that isn’t healthy. When this happens, anti-nutrients “leak” into your bloodstream and cause inflammation. This inflammation causes, you guessed it, acne.

Lucky for us, matcha saves the day once again. Matcha has a lot of polyphenols, which are micronutrients that break down into bacteria that are good for your gut. They not only improve gut health by making good probiotics, but they also work to stop dangerous pathogenic bacteria from growing in the gut.

Matcha lowers hormone levels that cause acne

Insulin-like growth factor 1, or IGF-1, is a hormone that is made when you take insulin or eat dairy. It makes acne even worse.

Over the course of a few weeks, your skin naturally sheds old skin cells and makes room for new ones. IGF-1 makes your skin make way too many cells, which rise to the skin’s surface and block pores. When a pore is clogged, acne bacteria can easily move in and cause an infection that can lead to pimples.

The skin-damaging effects of IGF-1 are stopped by EGCG, which directly blocks IGF-1 receptors and stops them from being overstimulated in the first place. EGCG also stops sebum oil from being made (R). This means you are less likely to have a blocked pore to begin with.

In Conclusion

Green tea, and especially matcha, can be a lifesaver for clear skin because it has antioxidants.

Not only does it help with all 4 causes of acne, but it is also good for your health as a whole.

If you still have acne even after making a lot of changes to your diet, coffee or other drinks with a lot of caffeine may be to blame. High amounts of caffeine can cause cortisol levels to rise and stress to rise, which can cause acne. Try substituting matcha for your morning cup of coffee once a week and see if your skin gets better. I find it to be more relaxing and energizing than coffee, and I bet you will too.


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