Honest Clearasil Tinted Acne Cream Reviews

Need a little more protection? Use Clearasil Tinted Acne Cream Treatment Cream to hide blemishes and get maximum strength Benzoyl Peroxide right to the source when they appear.
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Dermatologists have tested Clearasil Tinted Acne Cream Treatment Cream. It gets rid of pimples that are already there and helps stop new ones from forming.

Reviews by Customers

Emily from the U.S.: Helps with acne

Even though I’m 28 years old, I still have acne. I’ve had oily skin my whole life, and I have to fight acne daily. This tinted acne cream helps me a lot in my battle against acne. Even though it doesn’t make my acne go away overnight, I can tell the difference when I use it. It helps with the redness and also makes acne spots smaller. If you have acne, you should use it because it works. It is definitely worth what you pay for it. It is well-made and lasts a long time. It did dry out my skin where I use it, but that’s because I was using it to treat acne.


It won’t work like magic. It won’t get rid of it overnight. But it will make your acne less obvious and help get rid of it.

How easy it is to use

It is very easy to use, and little is needed to complete the job.


Because it’s so easy, it’s a great time saver. You can also wear it under makeup.


It makes your skin a little bit dry, but that’s because it’s a strong acne medicine.


It does not work overnight. It takes about two days for this to work on my acne.

Jennifer from the U.S.: Great spot treatment, but can be drying

Clearasil tinted acne cream is great for treating spots of acne, and the fact that it has a tint makes it even better. It can be drying, though, so I don’t think it’s a good idea to put it all over. Instead, only put it on the acne to keep it from drying out and peeling. It’s a great price, and you can find it at any supermarket or drug store. Since it is a stronger cream, it works well for acne with cysts.


It dries acne in a few days and hides it a little. It doesn’t work immediately, but I don’t think anything will work immediately.

How easy it is to use

Very simple to use. Just put a little bit on each spot of acne and rub it in gently. I would use it daily to keep my skin from getting too dry.


It’s very useful because it also has a concealer on it.


It can dry out the skin, so use it sparingly at first until your skin adjusts. If you use too much, your skin might become dry and flaky.


Acne dries up in a few days. I don’t see results immediately, but the acne starts to shrink in a day, and in two or three days, it’s almost gone.

Amy from Australia: Product that works

Clearasil tinted acne cream got a ten from me because it works very well. I’ve been using it for years and have Nothing wrong to say about it. When my acne was at its worst, I started using this tinted cream because it was the only over-the-counter product that helped control my zits and pimples. A few years ago, I used it every night after washing my face. I only use it a few times a month, usually right before my period starts.

The only bad thing about clearasil tinted acne cream acne treatment is that it can make your skin dry and irritated if you use it daily. If you plan to use it often, you should moisturize your face when you’re not using it. Most zits will disappear in the first three days of using clearasil tinted acne cream. It looks like it dries out the pimples until they go away. I like the tinted one better because if you have a giant zit on your face, you can put the cream on it right under your makeup, and it will blend right in. The one with the white tint leaves white streaks on your face and won’t look good during the day. Aside from how well it works, I like that the little tubes hold a good amount and that it will last a person with normal skin who gets occasional breakouts a long time. You also don’t need to use much of the product; just a little will do. People with acne-prone skin should try clearasil tinted acne cream because it works so well.

Sarah from the U.S.: This is the most effective acne treatment I’ve ever used.

Clearasil tinted acne cream treatment for zits has saved my life for over 15 years. I keep coming back to it. I found that benzoyl peroxide is the best thing for my skin, and this stuff has a very strong dose. I had horrible bumps over my forehead as a young teenager. My forehead only. They weren’t red or full of anything I could pop. Instead, they were horrible, fleshy bumps all over my face that would never go away, even though the rest of my face was smooth and clear. I tried so many salicylic acid-based acne treatments that did Nothing for me. I put clearasil tinted acne cream on once when I was at a friend’s house. First, I was surprised by how well it blended my skin and made the bumps less obvious. By the next day, the size of my bumps had gone down. I bought a tube myself, and three days later, the spots on my forehead that had been bothering me for years were barely visible. I used it to keep pimples away well into my twenties, and now that I’m in my thirties, I always have a tube in my bathroom cabinet in case of emergencies (yes, I can still get bumps on my forehead if I’m not careful). My husband also loves to use it on occasional pimples because it makes them go away almost overnight. People, this stuff is excellent, and it works!

Ginger from the U.S.: It works well, but it doesn’t match my skin color

Clearasil Stayclear Adult Tinted Treatment Cream gets rid of pimples effectively. The only problem is that I can only use it at night because putting it on a pimple makes it stand out even more.


This is good. It seems to dry out the pimple, which makes it smaller. Clearasil takes longer than popping pimples, but it doesn’t leave a scar. In Junior High, I had a teacher who drove this point home with a strong warning. I try not to pop because of this. If you use Clearasil at night, it will do the trick. Clearasil tinted acne cream takes a little longer than using it during and at night, but it does work.

How easy it is to use

You just put a dab on a q-tip and place it on your pimples. If you want to put on makeup or anything else, you should wait until it dries, but the process is straightforward.


This is quick and easy. The only thing that takes time is waiting for it to dry, which only takes a few minutes, so it’s very easy to use.


If your skin is susceptible, you might sometimes have a reaction. I have sensitive skin, so the only problem I’ve had is that it periodically dries out the area too much. Still, it’s easy to fix with a small amount of lotion.


This will depend on how often you wear it. It takes a few days to work the way I use it.

Steve from the United States

Clearasil tinted acne cream is not something I like. First, whose skin tone did they use to make the tint? It has to be the weirdest tan color I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if I got a tube with the wrong color, but the color was just wrong.

Second, it made my skin very red. I’ve had that problem with Clearasil products in the past, but I was hoping they would have improved since the last time I used one. I don’t think so.

Last, it didn’t seem to help my skin much. Other than make it look funny, get red and itch.

I just ended up throwing the whole tube away.

I would never tell someone I cared about to buy this product.


I couldn’t wear it during the day because the color was weird and didn’t even match my skin tone.


One night, it made my skin look worse than before I used it.

Becky from the U.S.: Great for getting rid of acne

I’ve tried many different acne products, but none have been as good as clearasil tinted acne cream at making acne inflammation look less bad. First, I like that this product has a hint of color. This treatment cream doesn’t come out of the tube as a white, pasty, chalky cream. Instead, it has a slight beige tint that blends into the skin as it dries. Since I only use it at night, I’m not sure how well it helps me hide my acne, but I still like the beige tint better than any bright white mixture. This product has 8 percent sulfur, enough to stop acne from getting worse without being too dry or irritating. If this acne spot treatment is your first time using it, you should only use it once a day to see how your skin reacts. Clearasil tinted acne cream spot treatment differs from others because it has sulfur and resorcinol. Depending on your skin type, these ingredients can dry more. You can put it on up to three times a day, but I usually do it at night (I noticed that skin repairs itself better during restful sleep). If you have acne, you should give clearasil tinted acne cream a try.

Tammy from the USA: Unique Product

I like that this is a tinted product for acne. You will be able to hide your acne in a very quiet way. No one will know unless they look closely! When I have to go outside, I use clearasil tinted acne cream. I think the price is a little high for what you get. But I think it’s worth it because how often do you see a tinted moisturizer in acne treatment? It does the job but doesn’t work as well as a good spot treatment. Healing takes a little longer, but not that much longer. I didn’t have any allergic reactions to clearasil tinted acne cream, and it didn’t cause me to get pimples. I think it smells like medicine, but you don’t use it that much, so it shouldn’t bother you too much. I only use as much as I need to get several months out of one tube on each spot. I recommend this product if you want a different way to treat acne.

Jessica from the U.S.: Clearasil Tinted Acne Cream is great!

One of the last things I tried before starting Accutane was this. I would put clearasil tinted acne cream on and leave it on all day as makeup. It helped my blemishes a little, but I felt better going out with that on than with regular makeup. As with other products, it seemed to keep my acne at a level that I could deal with. Nothing helped until I started taking the harsh prescription Accutane a few months ago, so this may work fine for people with less severe acne. I mostly used this because it was a way to cover up the discoloration from my acne caused by medicine.

But if you want to wear it all day, spread it out very well. If you don’t rub every last bit into your skin before it dries, you’ll be left with a cakey clump of it wherever you put it. In just a few minutes, it dries and becomes impossible to spread. If you wait too long to notice, it’s too late. You can avoid this problem with careful use.


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