10 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Shoulder Acne Fast?

Along with the back and chest, the shoulders are one of the most annoying places where acne can appear. This article will cover tips and tricks how get rid of shoulder acne fast.
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how to get rid of shoulder acne fast
You can treat shoulder acne in the same way that acne on the face can be treated: with a targeted routine.

Shoulder Acne Symptoms

After acne on the face, acne on the shoulders is the second most common place on the body to show up. Because they are bigger, the back’s pores are easily clogged up. Because these pores are more prominent, shoulder lesions tend to be bigger, more painful, and more common than face lesions. In addition, they can be harder to treat because they are hard to get to.

Like acne on the face, acne on the shoulders can be caused by a number of things. Stress, medications, and the way you live your life can all cause hair follicles to get clogged up, which can lead to acne lesions and swelling. The best way to get rid of shoulder acne is to change how you take care of your skin all over your body. This could mean anything from taking a shower right after a workout and using a full-body cleanser to a salicylic acid treatment to get rid of shoulder acne. Back acne can also be less likely to happen if you wear clothes that don’t fit too tightly.

What causes shoulder acne?

Acne happens when your skin’s natural oil (called sebum) mixes with dead skin cells to block your pores. One reason acne is so common on the face is that it has more oil glands than other body parts. When you have more oil glands, you have more sebum; when you have more sebum, you have more acne. It’s a never-ending cycle.

Acne can also happen on other body parts, like your shoulders. Look at the outside and inside things that can cause shoulder acne.

Not showering right after a workout

When you work out, you sweat, which can mix with oil and dead skin cells to make your pores clog. Also, bacteria that cause acne thrive in the moist environment of skin that sweats. If you can, you should take a shower as soon as you can after working out. You can use acne wipes if you don’t have time to take a shower. Members of Proactiv® have access to special add-ons, like the Proactiv Clear Zone Body Pads, which are easy to keep in your sports bag and use at the gym or after sports to help you get rid of shoulder acne.

Not washing clothes after sweating

When you work out and sweat, your clothes will rub against your skin and pick up some of the sweat, dirt, and bacteria. This is especially true in places like your shoulders that are always in contact with your workout clothes. When you wear clothes more than once, that mix of dirt and dust can get back on your skin. Even taking too long to change out of sweaty clothes can help bacteria that cause acne to grow and lead to clogged pores. Also, acne mechanica, which is caused by friction or pressure on the skin, can be caused by tight clothes that constantly rub against your skin. Try changing right after your workouts, and wear new workout clothes when you go to the gym again. This will help get rid of shoulder acne.


Changes in your hormones can cause much trouble inside and outside your body. In particular, they make you more sebum, which can lead to acne. It’s not easy to control your hormones, so here are some things you can do to help get rid of shoulder acne.

How to get rid of shoulder acne

1. Use the right soaps and body washes

Since acne happens when bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells mix, it’s essential to keep the surface of your skin clean; choose products without scents because fragrances can irritate your skin, especially if it is sensitive. Check out this shower routine to get rid of acne on your body.

2. Use a cleanser that has either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid in it

Both benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are common ingredients used to get rid of shoulder acne. The bacteria that cause acne are attacked by benzoyl peroxide, while clogged pores are attacked by salicylic acid. Both components are suitable for more than one thing. Putting these extra-powerful ingredients on your shoulders can help them get through the thicker skin.

3. Exfoliate the skin on your body

Not just the face needs to be scrubbed. The skin on your body also sheds and grows back. As your body makes new skin cells, your skin pushes the old ones to the surface, where they can pile up and mix with oil to block your pores. This is called skin cell turnover, a crucial part of how your skin stays healthy and young-looking. Exfoliating helps you eliminate the dead skin cells that build up on the surface, helping get rid of shoulder acne.

4. Don’t touch those bumps!

Don’t ever pick at your pimples. No matter how tempting, it will pay off in the long run if you don’t pick at or pop your pimples. If you pick up pimples on your shoulder or elsewhere, you’ll make them worse. Just keep in mind that popping a pimple will make that pimple go away, but the bacteria and oil from that pimple may move under your skin to other pores, causing more pimples in the area.

5. Put on sunscreen

One of the most important parts of a skincare routine is putting on sunscreen. No matter what time of year it is, you should always put sunscreen on any skin that isn’t covered. Since your shoulders almost always face the sun, they are more likely to get sun damage than other parts of your body. If you don’t protect your shoulders from the sun’s UV rays, you can get irritation and dryness (even if you don’t get a sunburn), which can cause your skin to make more oil to keep it moist and lead to shoulder acne. If you don’t want your sunscreen to look greasy or oily, oil-free options always cut down on shine!

6. Change your diet

It’s not a secret that what you eat can affect your body and skin. Shamban says that getting a good night’s sleep and changing your lifestyle, like cutting down on stress and eating better, can help get rid of shoulder acne. She says avoiding sugar and highly processed foods and eating more plant-based foods are good ways to stay healthy. Try cutting out snacks that are too processed from your routine. Instead, look at the list of ingredients and try to find foods with five or fewer of them. Or, even better, eat whole foods like a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts when you’re hungry.

7. Don’t sit in your gym clothes

Even if you’re working from home and want to keep your gym clothes on all day, you should take them off as soon as you get home.

Jessica Weiser, MD, of Weiser Skin MD, says, “The most important treatment is to not keep wet clothes against the skin for long periods and to take off your clothes and take a shower right after you work out.”

Shamban agrees and says that it also helps to wear natural fibers that let the skin breathe, like cotton and silk, and to stop wearing tight-fitting lycra and spandex on the area until it clears up.

If you don’t think you’ll be able to change immediately, you can prevent sweat from building up by using a baby powder, like Johnson’s Baby Powder, which costs $2, before you work out. This will help soak up a sweat as you make it instead of letting it sit on your skin. It would be best if you also kept a way to clean your face that doesn’t need to be rinsed with you in case you need to get rid of sweat quickly.

8. Please don’t overdo it

It’s important to clean, but it’s also important not to scrub too much, which can strip or dry out the area. “This can make the sebaceous glands work harder, and the cycle keeps going,” says Shamban. “Treating the area too much can lead to irritation and swelling.”

It would be best if you washed your face every day with a gentle cleanser, like Murad’s Acne Body Wash ($44), which is made to treat body breakouts without making your skin too dry. However, it would be best if you exfoliated less often. Weiser says gently exfoliating the skin two to three times a week can help speed up skin turnover and stop comedones from forming.

9. Turn to manuka honey

Shamban says that you don’t have to use a skincare product to get rid of shoulder acne. Natural, at-home solutions can work just as well—Manuka honey in particular. “Manuka honey is a bacne buddy. It kills bacteria, which makes it useful for cleaning and healing. It helps to keep the skin’s pH level even as it gently clears, “she tells you. The antibacterial properties of manuka honey set it apart from other kinds of honey. It can also reduce inflammation and protect cells from damage. “It has properties that gently and naturally exfoliate and slough off dead skin cells, which will keep your skin and pores clean and clear.” And if you like skin care products, you can use Shea Moisture’s Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Body Wash ($10), which is made with manuka honey, to get the same benefits.

10. Try using retinol to get rid of shoulder acne

Retinol, a form of vitamin A, is a popular skincare ingredient known for its anti-aging properties. However, Shamban says it can also be a great way to get rid of shoulder acne (not to mention acne in general). “You can buy over-the-counter retinol, but I suggest a telegram or in-office visit instead. Altro’s Retinoid Lotion for Body works very well to treat the area, “she says. Retinol helps skin cells turn over, which removes dead skin cells and makes way for younger skin cells to come to the surface. Oh, and what about getting rid of old skin cells? It stops the buildup that can cause pores to get clogged, so it’s a great way to treat acne. It also makes the skin feel and look better. Still, we like this option from Paula’s Choice if you can’t get to a dermatologist.

In Conclusion

The journey to get rid of shoulder acne can be very frustrating, especially since most of the information you can find online is about acne on the face. But you’re off to a good start if you keep your problem areas clean, use benzoyl peroxide and exfoliation, and don’t pick at your shoulder pimples. Also, if you are already a Proactiv member, you can access exclusive bonus products like the Acne Body Wash, which is excellent for getting rid of acne on your shoulders.


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