Understanding Toenail Fungus and Monitoring Your Case

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understanding toenail fungus and monitoring your case
Treatment-resistant nail fungus can take weeks or months to clear up. When a new, healthy nail grows from the nail bed, the medication is working.

Attention! This information is critical to the success of the toenail fungus treatment. Fungus and its spores can be found all around us, and even inside our bodies. There are colonies of Candida albicans as well as other types of fungus that help us to digest food and perform our daily functions. Nature’s greatest decomposers are fungus and mold. Some of them are found in the intestines as well as other parts of the body. The immune system does a great job controlling fungal growth. It does have its ups and downs.

Your lifestyle choices can either help or hinder your body’s ability to function properly. The same principle applies to fungus both on the skin and inside the body. The infection can develop faster if you live in stressful situations or are affected by other factors.

Important: Keep an eye on your case

You must be vigilant about your case. Your environment can affect the body’s chemistry. Your defense mechanisms will trigger a “fight-or-flight” response if you feel threatened or scared. Your body will make substances in a matter of seconds that will help you overcome the threat. Your bloodstream will be flooded with more hormones, proteins, and other substances.

Although this is an extreme example, it does illustrate the point. Your body’s chemistry can change based on what you eat or think. Medical doctors are limited by their education. MDs don’t take nutrition classes, if any. It seemed that memorizing drug concentrations and dosages was more important. The MD and Big Pharma giants would be less happy if people could eat well.

You can also make it so that everyone is able to prescribe side effects that are treated by other products. This is not the main concern. You should remember that nutrition is crucial for these infections. It is possible to greatly speed up the healing process by changing your lifestyle and eating better. We’ll be discussing some of the most common types of nail fungus later.

As you will see, the severity of an infection can vary greatly from one person to another. A combination of some of these factors can cause an infection. There are many ways that fungus can grow, and many types. The infinite complexity and personalization that fungus can grow is just one example of the endless possibilities.

You’ll be able to see the relationship between your body and the different nail fungi, and it will become difficult to fix.

It’s no wonder that western medicine, which relies on the standardization of one product for mass consumption to treat illness, is not effective. Your battle is yours and only yours.

While there are many people out there who would be happy to help you, in the end you decide. You’ll live with what you produce.

These guidelines should be followed.


The pH of a substance or the power of Hydrogen ions in an acidic solution determines its acidity and alkalinity. This measurement is on a continuum, from acidic to alkaline. It uses a scale of 1 to 14. The neutral point, which is located at 7°C, is the middle. The scale may not be applicable to alkaline or extremely acidic substances. Water has a pH around 7. The pH of water is usually 7.

It is what your body does when you give it food that matters the most. You get an alkaline result if you consume lemon juice. To release their electro-magnetic energies, alkaline minerals need to be able to react with acid. This is the only way the body can use it. Different types of yeasts and fungus can grow at pH levels between 2-8. It all depends on what type of fungus you are talking about. Candida albicans, for example, is a common type of fungus and can be found in the body.

It thrives in an environment that is less acidic. Once it begins growing, it works towards making the environment as alkaline and healthy as possible.

Many fungus species don’t like acidic environments. This is true for all life forms that live in neutral or slightly alkaline environments.

All treatments discussed in this article aim to raise the acidity in infected areas. This will depend on what type of fungus is being developed and how your body responds to it. I am able to identify the best treatment for certain types of fungus.

However, I do use tests and sometimes have to collaborate with labs to analyze tissue samples. It is important to monitor and understand your infection. It is important to know the pH of your environment. There are many synergetic environments in your body that work together to create harmony and perfect balance. When this balance is disturbed, disease can occur. To grow nail fungus, you need to have the right environment and be exposed to the spores in the appropriate amount. Your body will lose the battle if it is not properly balanced. The infection will then start to grow. This is directly affected by your lifestyle choices. Your immune system will begin to decline if you eat the wrong foods and live in unhealthy environments.

Wearing out. You become less resilient to all types of threats if you don’t get the right nutrition. It is possible to get a form of fungi even while being treated with antibiotics. They kill many targets, just like their name. They also kill many good cells, which can weaken your immune system. They act as a trigger. They can cause some harm to your body which triggers an even more powerful response that will likely eliminate the problem completely. It is risky. Many people don’t know how antibiotics work. Although they can be effective for some people, many others are more likely to become ill from them. Your body develops a tolerance to these drugs. There are many antibiotics that can kill. Some antibiotics cover a greater range of symptoms, while others have a more specific focus. You will probably develop tolerance to one that has a wider range of applications. Your body will be tolerant to it.

It will make you less responsive to it. It may be necessary to take higher doses. This can lead to severe side effects. It is possible that you will never fully recover. Tolerance doesn’t just cover the antibiotic you are currently using. It covers many other drugs as well. Simply put, you are attacking yourself by taking antibiotics. Your body will become less responsive to medical treatment. All subsequent treatments will be less effective because of this. If you truly want to understand your problem, this is a crucial step.

understanding toenail fungus

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