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rhino pills for pe

Do Rhino Pills Work For Premature Ejaculation?

rhino pills for pe
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says that rhino pills are herbal supplements, so you don’t need a prescription to buy them.

If you’ve ever looked at the male enhancement products sold in gas stations, convenience stores, and other places, you may have seen different pills sold under the brand name “Rhino.”

Rhino pills, as they are called, claim to offer the same benefits as other over-the-counter sex supplements: stronger erections, more stamina, and better sex in general.

Like almost all other products that claim to help men, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims.

Also, investigations have shown that many Rhino brand products have ingredients that aren’t listed but could be dangerous.

Here, we’ll talk about what Rhino pills are, how they usually claim to work, and the many risks that come with them.

We’ve also told you about real, science-backed products you can use to treat common sexual problems like premature ejaculation safely (PE).

What Are Rhino Pills?

Rhino is a popular brand of products for men to improve their sexual performance. Usually, you can buy rhino pills at gas stations, drug stores, and online.

Rhino supplements are sold under many different names, such as:

  • Krazzy Rhino 25000
  • Platinum Rhino 25000
  • Rhino 30000
  • Gold Rhino 25000
  • Mega Rhino 82000
  • Rhino Blitz Gold
  • Rhino 69
  • Rhino 7

Most Rhino pills come in the same kind of packaging, which has a large holographic rhino as the main design feature.

Some look like they come in similar packaging with different brand names, like “Jet BlackTM,” “Jet BlueTM,” and others.

Rhino’s male enhancement products are marketed as having many health and sexual benefits, such as:

  • Getting as much sexual activity as possible
  • Stopping premature ejaculation
  • Maximizing ejaculate volume
  • Getting erections that are “rock hard”
  • Getting the penis longer, wider, and thicker
  • Adding more power and explosion to orgasms
  • Improving sexual confidence
  • “Guaranteed” enhancement

Rhino products are not okayed by the FDA, and you don’t need a prescription to buy them. People often think of them as an over-the-counter alternative to drugs like sildenafil, which is the active ingredient in Viagra®. This is because they are cheap, easy to find, and don’t require a trip to the doctor.

Do Rhino Pills Work?

Like many other supplements marketed to men as sex aids, Rhino pills are made of a mix of herbal ingredients that are said to improve sexual performance in a natural way.

On the label for Mega Rhino 82000, for example, the active ingredients are listed as zinc gluconate, horny goat weed (epimedium), white willow bark, black pepper, and Rauvolfia serpentina (devil pepper).

There is no scientific proof that Rhino pills work, and there is also no evidence that the exotic-sounding ingredients in Rhino pills or other similar over-the-counter products improve your sexual performance.

Before we get into the details of Rhino pills, let’s take a quick look at how erections and male sexual health work in general.

Erections are caused by stimulating the mind and body. When you feel sexually aroused, more blood flows into the erectile tissue in your penis. This helps you get and keep an erection while you’re being sexual.

As for your sex drive and general level of interest in sex, it depends on a lot of things, like how much testosterone and other androgen hormones your body makes, how stressed you are, and how sexually attracted you are to your partner.

Most medicines that improve sexual performance are well understood in terms of how they work. For example, most PE drugs work by bringing more blood to your penis, which makes it easier to get and keep an erection when you’re excited.

In the same way, medications that help you stay sexually active longer and stop you from ejaculating too soon either make your penis less sensitive or slow down your body’s natural process of reaching orgasm and ejaculating.

As of right now, the only real way to make your penis bigger or longer is to have surgery, which comes with its own risks and problems.

There is no scientific evidence that rhino pills increase your stamina in bed, get rid of erectile dysfunction, or make your penis bigger. There is also no credible evidence that any of the ingredients in them (at least the ones on the label) have any effects at all.

Now, this doesn’t mean that rhino pills can’t work at all or that they don’t have some kind of placebo effect on men who take them.

But medicine is based on proof that a supplement or drug works and is safe to use.

Right now, there isn’t any good scientific evidence to suggest that Rhino pills or any of the herbal ingredients in them live up to the claims made on their product labels about how well they work in the bedroom or have any real clinically significant effects at all.

Rhino Pill Warnings

But there is evidence that many of the “Rhino” brand sexual enhancement products have hidden ingredients, including some that may be dangerous.

Because Rhino is a brand name for so many different things, it’s hard to know exactly what goes into each capsule.

But the FDA has found, through several investigations, that many Rhino pills contain ingredients that aren’t listed on the label and other substances, such as active ingredients from prescription drugs that can’t legally be sold in herbal supplements.

Some lab tests have even shown that some Rhino pills contain ingredients that could be harmful and are similar to those that were taken off the market because they caused side effects.

The FDA did a lab test on Rhino 8 Platinum 8000 and found that it had the ingredients sildenafil, N-desmethylsibutramine, phenolphthalein, and diclofenac.

Sildenafil is the part of Viagra that works. It is a prescription drug for ED that can only be given to people who have been diagnosed with PE by a licensed medical professional.

N-desmethylsibutramine is an ingredient that has the same chemical structure as sibutramine, which was taken off the market in 2010 because of safety concerns. It was once used as a drug to help people lose weight.

Overall, the FDA has found more than 25 products sold under the brand name “Rhino” that contain ingredients that aren’t listed, most of which are prescription drugs.

In response to these problems, the FDA has told people not to buy or use any pills or other products that claim to help rhinos.

The FDA has also put out a few more warnings about sex pills you can buy without a prescription as a whole. Many of these products, like Rhino pills, can be bought without a prescription at gas stations, sex stores, and online.

Lab tests have shown over and over that these products are often made with harmful ingredients and prescription drugs that are not labeled.

To give you an idea of how big this problem is, a news release from the FDA in 2021 said that all 26 male sexual health supplements that the agency bought from Amazon for testing in the lab had hidden ingredients.

Also, 80% of the supplements the FDA bought on eBay had active pharmaceutical ingredients that were not listed.

This is especially worrying because many of these products are made in factories that aren’t regulated in any meaningful way. This means that the ingredients may be contaminated, or the doses of ingredients (including those that aren’t properly labeled) may be higher than what’s safe for humans.

The FDA said the following in an announcement from 2022:

“After 10 years of testing, it’s clear that retailers, distributors, and online marketplaces don’t do enough to stop these types of potentially dangerous products from being sold to consumers.

FDA can’t test all products on the market that have hidden ingredients that could be harmful. “Only a small number of the tainted over-the-counter products on the market are covered by enforcement actions and consumer warnings.”

Simply put, many male sexual performance supplements sold online that sound too good to be true are, well, too good to be true.

Not only do they often have ingredients that aren’t backed by real scientific evidence, but the companies that make and sell them often have bad reputations and don’t care much about safety.

Our recommendation? Avoid any pills, creams, or other supplements for men’s sexual health that aren’t backed by real scientific research. In particular, avoid brands that the FDA has said are often linked to tainted or unsafe products.

Risks and Side Effects of Rhino Pills

So, why is it so important to stay away from Rhino Pills and other products whose ingredients aren’t listed?

The main reason is that many of the secret ingredients used in these products can cause side effects and have major safety risks, such as the chance of causing drug interactions.

Many of these products have sildenafil, tadalafil, and other ingredients that are usually found in ED prescription drugs.

When taken with other medicines, these active drug ingredients can cause problems that could be very serious.

For example, sildenafil can cause problems when taken with nitrates and other drugs used to treat high blood pressure, angina, and other heart problems. When these medicines are taken at the same time, they can cause sudden drops in blood pressure that could be fatal.

When used with sildenafil and other PE drugs, some medicines for heart disease and high blood pressure can also cause interactions.

When you use FDA-approved prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction, your doctor will ask you about your health and other medications you take to lower the chance that you will have an interaction.

If a combination of drugs is unsafe, they can let you know ahead of time so you can change how you use erectile dysfunction drugs to avoid side effects and keep you safe.

Because Rhino pills and other sexual enhancement capsules are not FDA-approved prescription drugs, they are not subject to the same strict testing and licensing rules. And because they don’t need a prescription, a doctor or nurse can’t check to see if they are safe.

These supplements may be made in places that aren’t safe or clean. The hidden drugs in these products may not be measured correctly, which means that some supplements may have too many of these active ingredients that aren’t listed.

Simply put, when all of these things come together, the result is products that don’t work, aren’t safe, and should never be used in place of prescription pills for ED or PE.

Because of these risks, it is not recommended to take Rhino pills or other dietary supplements that claim to treat erectile dysfunction (PE) or improve sexual performance.

Safer Options for Improving Your Sexual Performance

Rhino pills and other over-the-counter sex pills aren’t recommended, but there are safe and effective ways to treat erectile dysfunction, stop premature ejaculation, and improve your sexual performance.

Prescription PE drugs like sildenafil, which is the active ingredient in Viagra, tadalafil (Cialis®), vardenafil (Levitra®), and avanafil (Stendra®) are among these.

These drugs, called PDE5 inhibitors, work by increasing the flow of blood to your penis. When taken before sex, they make it easier to get and keep an erection while you’re sexually aroused.

There are also safe and effective treatments for other problems with sexual performance, like ejaculating too early.

Products like our Delay Spray for Men, which reduces sensitivity to slowing down orgasm and ejaculation, and prescription drugs like sertraline and paroxetine, which also slow down orgasm and ejaculation, are some examples.

It’s important to talk to your doctor before using any pills, supplements, or other products to improve sexual performance.

Not only can they tell you what works and what probably doesn’t, but they can also make sure you’re safe while taking supplements or medications to improve your erections and sexual function.

Understanding the Risks of Rhino Pills

The Rhino pills you can buy online and at gas stations aren’t recommended, just like other over-the-counter sex pills and supplements for men that aren’t regulated.

Not only are these pills hard to tell if they work or not, but many of them also contain drugs that haven’t been labeled or approved, which could put your health at risk, especially if you take other medicines.

If you are worried about erectile dysfunction or early ejaculation, you should talk to your doctor or look into FDA-approved treatments for PE.

Unlike Rhino pills, these medicines have exactly what they say on the label. This means you can treat premature ejaculation, PE, and other problems with sexual performance with confidence.

We have a number of medications and treatments for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction that are available online. Prescription products are available after a consultation with a healthcare provider.

You can also read our detailed guide on the best ways to naturally protect your erection to learn more about how to improve your sexual function.

exercises for pe

Best 4 Premature Ejaculation Exercises

exercises for pe
There are a number of things that can help if you ejaculate too soon, like learning how to delay your orgasm.

Can going to the gym help you stop premature ejaculation?

If you’re reading this with your fingers crossed, we have good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that adding an extra workout to your routine probably won’t do much for your early-firing long gun. The good news is that there are exercises you can do before sex, during sex, and at any other time.

Best of all, you don’t need a gym to do them. In fact, you might get arrested if you did some of them in a gym.

Early ejaculation exercises won’t have your member lifting weights, but there are some physical tricks that have been used for a long time to help stop PE. Some of them can even help you in the long run.

About Premature Ejaculation

Along with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual problems men have. It is thought that as many as 39% of men have it to some degree.

Early ejaculation is not a one-time problem, though. In fact, PE can only be diagnosed if it meets a number of criteria.

The World Health Organization defines PE as “persistent or recurrent ejaculation with minimal stimulation before, during, or shortly after penetration and before the person wants it, over which the sufferer has little or no voluntary control and which causes the sufferer and/or his partner bother or distress.” which tells us some important things:

  • With little stimulation, ejaculation
  • The person has little or no control over what they do
  • Upsets the person who has it and/or their partner
  • Keeps happening over and over

If you have all of these signs, it means you have a bigger problem than just a few bad nights in a row.

There are treatments for premature ejaculation, which is good news. Some of these treatments are exercises that are meant to help you regain control in the bedroom and also build up your stamina so that you can control yourself even when you’re not in the bedroom.

The Start and Stop Method

We’ll be honest: the first trick we’ll talk about won’t blow your mind with cool tricks. The start-stop technique is really just stopping and then starting again.

The trick is to stop right before you’re about to have an orgasm and then start again when you no longer feel like ejaculating.

See? Not that interesting. And if you’ve tried to delay ejaculation in general or have already been dealing with early ejaculation, you may have used a version of this without even knowing it.

The purpose of this technique is best served when you do it on purpose. According to experts, you’re supposed to do this several times during a session “so the man can learn to recognize the phase of sexual arousal that happens before orgasm.”

There have been some studies on start-stop, but they were not very in-depth. Start-stop has mostly been looked at in conjunction with other treatments.

For example, one small study found that start-stop made it take several minutes longer to ejaculate. However, that study looked at start-stop along with other therapies, which makes it hard to know what was really going on.

Still, this method has some validity, especially when used with other types of therapy.

Exercises for the Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor exercises are by far the most helpful “technique” from a scientific point of view. They don’t focus on the problems that come up during sex but rather on building stamina through training outside of sex.

Pelvic floor exercises, also called kegels (yes, men can do them too), are an exercise you can do at your desk instead of squeezing one of those silly gorilla grip machines.

Urine flows through your urethra because of the muscles in your pelvic floor. The goal of this exercise is to learn how to contract only those muscles at will.

Over time and with age, these muscles get weaker, and while kegels are usually linked to issues with incontinence, a lot of research shows that they also play a role in premature ejaculation.

In 2019, the journal Physiotherapy published a systematic review of 10 studies on erectile dysfunction. The studies focused on men over the age of 18 who had “no history of neurological injury or major urological surgery.”

They found that most trials “showed comparable improvement rates,” so they came to the conclusion that “pelvic floor muscle training seems to be effective for treating PE.”

The only thing? The review pointed out that it had some limitations and said that no “optimal training protocol has been found.” In other words, we don’t know the best way to work your pelvic floor or how often you should do it.

The review also said that success rates varied widely, which is another reason to think that pelvic floor exercises might not help everyone.

The Squeeze Technique

Not all of the choices are pleasant, and we can say with confidence that the “squeeze” method is one of the least pleasant ones.

Right before you have an orgasm, you’re supposed to pull out the tip of your penis and squeeze it (not too hard) between your pointer finger and thumb. This lowers your level of arousal. You do this for about 30 seconds, and you may have to do it a few times before you can move on.

Believe it or not, this was pretty much the way things were done until the 1990s or so.

This technique has quite a few limitations. From what we can remember, you need to have the self-control to stop, pull out, and squeeze.

But more importantly, this rule means you have to stop having sex with a partner and make them wait while you do some light BDSM alone.

In the best case, a partner will be understanding and maybe even find it exciting, but most guys will feel a little bad about having to put things on hold for this.

There are other ways to treat premature ejaculation.

There are other things you can do (ideally in addition to or instead of exercises) to stop ejaculating too early.

There are many gels, creams, and other topical solutions on the market that are meant to make your penis less sensitive (and therefore slow your ejaculatory response to sex).

An anesthetic like lidocaine, which is often used in dental and skin care treatments, is often found in these. In our guide, you can learn more about other ways to treat PE.

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are prescription antidepressants that a doctor may also suggest.

In a 2007 study, men with PE were given either paroxetine, fluoxetine, or escitalopram, which are all SSRIs. After only four weeks, all of the men who took part in the test had fewer PE symptoms, and none of the drugs worked better than the others.

How to Take Care of PE

If you have PE and want to get it under control, you should talk to a medical professional for advice.

Like many other health problems, premature ejaculation could be a sign of something else, like a weakening pelvic floor or anxiety.

If you can’t fully enjoy your sex life, it could be because of a deeper problem that a health professional can help you solve.

pe hypnosis

Premature Ejaculation Hypnosis: Is It B.S.?

pe hypnosis
The only way to stop ejaculating too early is for the unconscious mind to “update” the pattern it uses to perform sexual acts.

Hypnosis is the most stupid plot device used in cartoons, TV shows, and even some movies from the 20th century. People who grew up watching cartoons of zombie servants doing their evil masters’ bidding after seeing a pocket watch dangle find it hard to take it seriously.

When someone tells you that talking about your sexual history during a hypnosis session could help with problems with premature ejaculation (PE), it’s even harder to imagine taking hypnosis seriously.

Even though hypnosis has been mentioned as a possible mental health therapy many times, there aren’t many studies about how well it works, especially when it comes to treating physical problems like premature ejaculation.

But, believe it or not, experts think it might have some good points.

And we’ll explain what those benefits are. But first, let’s talk about what hypnosis is and how it can help you perform better in bed.

What Does Hypnosis for Premature Ejaculation Mean?

Let’s start with something important: a medical definition of hypnosis and hypnotherapy in general.

Hypnosis is more of a “tool” than a type of therapy. Hypnosis is thought of as a waking trance state, which is a different way of being conscious in which a person’s attention is turned inward instead of outward.

Some people think of hypnosis as a kind of meditation that lets the unconscious mind be accessed to help with therapy.

You’ve seen a pretty accurate picture of how hypnosis works on TV. Usually, it’s done by relaxing the muscles, listening to music, focusing on an object, etc. So, what’s up with the pocket watch? Not too crazy, if you can believe it.

The goal is to help patients get in touch with thoughts, memories, and feelings that are often hard to access without feeling too much.

For people with loss of libido in PE, this could mean memories of sexual abuse, a traumatic sexual experience, or other things that are emotionally connected to your performance in bed.

Researchers have looked at hypnosis as a way to diagnose PE, add to other types of therapy, and as a treatment for PE.

Does hypnosis actually help with PE?

So, does hypnosis for PE really work in any of these situations?

This question is hard to answer. Some studies and resources say that hypnosis is a good way to treat PE, but there aren’t many studies that look into how well it works for PE.

Even as recently as 2021, most people seemed to agree that hypnotherapy could help some people with premature ejaculation.

It is considered a form of psychosexual counseling, along with things like learning how to meditate and relax, for people who are having trouble with their mental health because of PE.

We’ll run into trouble if we can’t point to any studies that show a very clear result. In fact, most research shows that even when a study has good results, most of the data doesn’t include things like details about the patients, the procedures used, and other things. Simply put, there are often problems.

There isn’t a clear way to use this to your advantage, and hypnotherapists have a lot of freedom in how they use it.

Will Hypnosis Cure Premature Ejaculation?

No matter what kind of treatment is used, like hypnosis or something even stranger, the idea that early ejaculation can be fixed is a bit deceptive.

Early ejaculation isn’t really a disease that can be cured, but more of a problem that can be fixed or made less severe.

No matter what the hypnosis experts say, you can’t cure premature ejaculation with hypnosis. Your best bet is to find a treatment or set of treatments that help you keep the condition under control until it goes into remission, which means that you rarely, if ever, experience symptoms.

How does that work? Well, experts have found some possible ways to treat the disease.

Other Ways to Treat Premature Ejaculation

Because premature ejaculation is a long-term problem, treatment will probably involve practice, patience, or a combination of the two.

Physical techniques

For example, there are some physical exercises that have been shown to help people with PE. One is the start-stop technique, which is exactly what it sounds like. This is a sexual strategy where you stop when you feel the urge to finish building and then start again when you feel the urge go away.

Kegels, which are well-known pelvic floor exercises (yes, men can do them too), could be another option. The goal of these exercises is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to improve ejaculatory control and, in turn, intimacy.

You could also look into the squeeze technique, which is self-explanatory. When you feel like ejaculating, you stop what you’re doing and squeeze the tip of your penis to lower your level of arousal. Press for 30 seconds, then go back to what you were doing.

But if you want to avoid awkwardness, you should definitely tell your sexual partner about this ahead of time.

All of these methods have been shown to work in some way, but they are not perfect. Namely, the need for self-control and the fact that most of the time, medical experts haven’t found the best way to do these things well.


There may also be medicines to think about.

Depression and anxiety can both make you feel bad about yourself, which can hurt your sexual life. However, even if treatment for these problems doesn’t help, medications might.

A 2007 study suggested that men who take SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) could see improvements in their PE symptoms because SSRIs can slow the body from reaching climax as a side effect.


People with PE might also benefit from therapy. A large number of men who have problems in the bedroom actually do so because of mental problems.

Therapies like sex therapy, talk therapy, counseling for couples, etc., have been shown to help with all kinds of erectile problems. Check out online counseling to see what your options are.

There are some other ways to treat PE besides therapy, techniques, and medication that you can look into if you’re interested.

We will say, though, that none of these treatment options will help you if you don’t get help from a professional in the field.

Wipes and sprays for the skin for PE

Topical numbing agents given through sprays or medicated wipes are one of the many treatments that have more evidence behind them than a swinging pocket watch.

Benzocaine wipes have a simple rub-it-on, wait a few minutes, and go method. You just wipe or spray the numbing benzocaine agent on your penis, and your sensitivity will go down.

Benzocaine wipes work and are thought to be effective. One study found that it made most users happier and less stressed. (We make our own version. If you’re interested, you can find out more about our Delay Spray or Clockstopper Benzocaine Wipes).

The Big Picture of Early Ejaculation and Hypnosis

If you’ve learned anything from our ideas, it’s that hypnosis is neither the most unrealistic nor the most ridiculous way to treat premature ejaculation.

Early ejaculation is still a fairly new area of study in medicine. Even though we may know more about how to solve “early arrival” in the next few decades, we can’t help you much right now.

What we can say is that sexual dysfunction can be caused by things like sexual performance anxiety, medical conditions, and even long-term stress, all of which can be treated to help with PE.

Still, we can keep giving you resources, like our 101 guide to premature ejaculation, which has answers to more of the questions you probably have about PE.

From here on out, the only thing left to do is act. There’s no need for another treatment or more research.

Talking to a doctor about PE right away is the best way to deal with it and the best way to get the right treatment for your needs. Get in touch with someone today and start treatment so you can do other things on your own time.

nofap for pe

NoFap Premature Ejaculation: Are Benefits Real?

nofap for pe
PE doesn’t happen to everyone the same way, and your care shouldn’t be left up to a group of amateurs on the internet.

If you’ve ever wondered if it’s possible to do too much masturbation, you’re not the only one. Over the years, many men have had trouble finding a healthy balance between how they treat themselves and how often they do it.

The internet and internet pornography have changed a lot about how our society works, and for some men, the endless supply of media can lead to behavior patterns and habits that might feel a little shameful.

Worse, it might make them want to masturbate a lot instead of having real relationships.

But just because something feels wrong doesn’t mean it’s bad for you, and “porn addiction” may be a cause for concern, but the space between frequent masturbation and bad health effects is, at best, messy.

NoFap is a movement. It is made up of a group of people who believe that if you can control your baser browsing instincts, you can unlock new levels of healthy body function.

The NoFap movement says that masturbating less can help your health, memory, and brain power. It may also help you in the bedroom.

Are they right? Who you ask makes a difference.

What’s NoFap?

The NoFap movement seems to be a modern take on old ideas about masturbation that are tied to the world of abstinence, but with a twist. Actually, the NoFap movement is based on two simple ideas:

  • It is good for your health to not masturbate. 
  • Pornographic content on the Internet is bad for your health.

When you put the two together in a subreddit, you get NoFap.

In the NoFap movement, there are different “challenges.” “No Fap November” is a 30-day reset that happens every year. It is a group challenge to avoid porn, masturbation, or both for 30 days. It has a familiar structure: everyone from the people who made Seinfeld to the people who came up with Lent thought about this reset idea.

NoFap also has a 90-day “reboot” challenge in which members promise not to orgasm, masturbate, or look at porn for, you guessed it, 90 days. In both cases, all of the benefits listed above are the reward.

Unfortunately, NoFap’s promise isn’t backed by science, and even though science has recognized some problems with too much porn, experts haven’t been able to prove that too much porn or masturbation is a physical cause of premature ejaculation.

Can NoFap Help With Premature Ejaculation?

Can NoFap help with ejaculating too soon? This question has two answers: the abstinence-masturbation answer and the pornography addiction answer. Let’s look at both of these questions without the NoFap movement in mind.

Concerning the question of abstinence, there is no real evidence that there is a link between health benefits and abstinence. This includes a 2016 study that looked at the link between PE and how well nerve tests work.

In the same way, the other side of NoFap’s argument doesn’t have much in the way of proof.

In general, there isn’t much of a link between premature ejaculation and watching pornographic videos on the internet.

People who think they have a porn addiction or have masturbated too much do have a negative mental link to sexual dysfunction.

Even though too much porn or masturbation might not be bad for you, feeling bad about it might be.

Even when people think they have a porn addiction, scientific studies show that there is no link between the two conditions. Instead, there is a link between people who believe they are addicted to porn and sexual dysfunction.

The study’s authors did suggest that mental health professionals think about self-perception as a cause of sexual dysfunction, but they didn’t prove that addiction was a cause.

But experts care more about how you feel about your porn and spanking habits than how “bad” those habits are. From what we know, these self-perceptions could be hurting your performance in bed more than what’s in your browser history.

NoFap vs. semen retention

NoFap tells people to stop masturbating, especially in front of pornographic material. Semen retention, on the other hand, is when a man masturbates without ejaculating.

Some people who support semen retention say that it makes people healthier in ways like making them more fertile or giving them better sperm. But there is no proof that keeping sperm longer is good for your health.

Others say that the technique is a form of mindfulness that can make people feel more sexual pleasure or give them more control over their orgasms. Some also use semen retention to learn how to have an orgasm without ejaculating.

Research shows that people are more likely to have more orgasms if they can orgasm without ejaculating. But there are no solid scientific studies that look into the practice or proven ways to have more than one orgasm.

Instead, learn how to treat premature ejaculation

We do know that if you do have premature ejaculation, a reset or some kind of 30-day challenge isn’t what experts recommend, and studies haven’t shown that it works either.

The science behind physical methods isn’t great, and non-drug methods like the start-stop technique are really just a matter of willpower in close situations.

Kegel exercises may make your pelvic floor muscles stronger and give you some control over your orgasms, which can help you deal with the symptoms of premature ejaculation. You can do as many Kegels as you want, but science isn’t sure how many or how often you need to do them to get the results you want.

There’s also the squeeze technique, which is a physical PE treatment in which you stop what you’re doing sexually, gently squeeze the tip of your penis until your level of arousal goes down, and then go back to doing what you were doing.

Research shows that it might work, but before you try it, you should talk to your partner so that nobody is confused.

If PE is the problem, you have a few choices. In our guide to Premature Ejaculation Causes and Treatments, we go into more detail, but here are the TL;DR facts.

Use of benzocaine wipes might be the best way to treat PE.

When used as directed, benzocaine wipes, which have the same active ingredient as some dental anesthetics, can improve your performance and satisfaction, as well as that of your partner.

Antidepressants might be the last and most serious choice. These drugs are usually used to treat depression, but one side effect is “delayed ejaculation.” Because of this, they are sometimes given to people outside of their intended use to treat premature ejaculation.

Are there any websites or groups that are like NoFap?

Along with the NoFap subreddits that focus on specific groups like teens and Christians, there are other similar but less well-known (read: less controversial) sites and organizations. The idea is pretty much the same, which is that not masturbating or using porn can have different benefits that aren’t backed up by science.

Some of the most visited sites are:

  • Porn and your brain. This website is called the same thing as the e-book that its founder, Gary Wilson, wrote. The site is currently run by a group of men who have gotten over their problems with porn on the internet. It was made for people who want to understand and stop compulsive porn use. 
  • Restart America. The website says it is a recovery site for people with a porn addiction or sexual problems caused by porn. It offers support and information to help people rest their brains from artificial sexual stimulation like pornography. Gabe Deem, the group’s founder, says he has gotten over his addiction to porn and a sexual problem that was caused by porn. 
  • Your brain got back in shape. This is a forum with more than 22,000 members where people talk about their own self-perceived addiction to porn and have discussions like those on NoFap boards. 
  • #NoNutNovember. This is an online challenge and meme that many people think of as being the same as NoFap, even though it’s not. It spread like wildfire, mostly because NoFap members shared or took part in the challenge, which is to not orgasm for the whole month of November.

The Last Word on NoFap and PE

If you’re thinking about joining the NoFap movement because you think masturbation is getting in the way of your daily life, we’re not here to try to talk you out of it.

How masturbation affects you may have a big impact on how you think about its health effects, and it may be a great way for people who want to change their intimate habits through self-control practices to get support from a community.

But we can give you better advice than making a fake account and talking to a million other guys about the urge to masturbate: talk to one medical professional.

A single conversation with a healthcare provider about your symptoms of premature ejaculation and how you feel about your masturbation habits could lead to better treatment, as a healthcare professional can help you figure out what’s causing your own problems.

Early ejaculation doesn’t happen the same way for everyone, and how you’re treated shouldn’t depend on what a bunch of amateurs on the internet think is best.

If you’re ready to get the help you need, you can talk to someone today through online counseling. Still trying to find out more about ejaculating too early? Check out our guide to the causes, symptoms, and ways to treat premature ejaculation to learn more.

best foods for pe

Best And Worst Foods For Premature Ejaculation

best foods for pe
Different things about the foods in this article can help your PE.

PE, or premature ejaculation, is a common sexual issue that affects 20-30% of men of all ages and backgrounds.

If you’ve ever looked up information about PE, you may have come across lists of foods that cause PE. Most of the time, these lists include the usual suspects, like foods that are high in sugar and simple carbohydrates, foods that are high in fat, and foods that have artificial ingredients.

Even though what you eat can affect your sexual health, there is no scientific proof that certain foods cause you to ejaculate early, at least not yet.

Below, we’ll talk about how your diet can affect your sexual health, from your overall sexual performance to problems like early ejaculation and erectile dysfunction (ED).

We’ve also talked about why you shouldn’t feel like you have to avoid certain foods if you tend to ejaculate early. We’ve talked about all the ways you can treat PE and have a more fulfilling, satisfying sexual life.

What Causes Premature Ejaculation?

Before we get into the details of your diet and premature ejaculation, let’s talk about what PE is and what can cause it.

According to the DSM-5, premature ejaculation occurs when a person ejaculates before they want to, within one minute of penetration, and during all or nearly all sexual activity (for example, 75 to 100% of the time).

To be diagnosed with PE, these symptoms usually have to last for at least six months and have a clear cause that isn’t sexual, like a drug or stress from a relationship problem.

PE can range from mild (when ejaculation happens 30 to 60 seconds after penetration) to severe (when ejaculation happens before sexual activity or within 15 seconds of penetration).

Experts still don’t know what causes a man to ejaculate too soon. At the moment, they think that a number of factors, both biological and psychological, may play a role.

Some hormones and neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, prolactin, luteinizing hormone (LH), and thyroid-stimulating hormone, could have levels that are too high or too low (TSH). Inflammation in the prostate or urethra could also be a factor.

From a psychological point of view, things like anxiety, depression, stress, a bad view of the body, worries about sexual performance, feelings of guilt, relationship problems, or a history of sexual abuse or repression may all contribute to the development of PE.

It’s important to note that premature ejaculation often happens along with other common problems with sexual performance, like erectile dysfunction. In fact, research shows that almost half of all men who have erectile dysfunction also ejaculate too early.

Experts think that these two common problems might have something to do with how people act. For example, men with ED might feel more performance anxiety during sex, which might make them hurry to keep their erection from going away.

In short, it’s kind of hard to figure out what causes PE. At the moment, research shows that a number of things may all play a role in its development. Most guys can’t point to a single “cause of PE” as the reason why they have it.

Does Food Cause Premature Ejaculation?

At the moment, there is no research that shows that certain types of food directly cause men to ejaculate before they should.

Simply put, science doesn’t seem to support the idea that eating junk food, starchy foods, or foods high in certain “bad” ingredients causes men to ejaculate too soon. The idea that food causes PE seems to be a myth, just like a lot of other common ideas about how the sexes work.

So, there is a direct link between what you eat and some parts of your health that can affect how well you do in bed.

Diet and Sexual Function in Men

It should come as no surprise that your sexual ability will improve in some ways as your overall health improves.

This is because, at least in men, sexual function and performance are closely linked to the health of hormones and the heart.

As a man, your sexual drive is largely controlled by sex hormones like testosterone. A high level of testosterone is linked to a strong desire for sex, while a low level of testosterone is linked to a drop in your libido.

In the same way, your cardiovascular system is very important for keeping your blood flowing, which is necessary for maintaining an erection. Many ED drugs, like PDE5 inhibitors, work by increasing blood flow to your penis, which makes it easier and stronger to get an erection.

So, where does your diet come in? Even though the foods you eat probably don’t directly cause or worsen premature ejaculation, your diet does affect your health in ways that affect your sexual function and performance.

One known risk factor for erectile dysfunction is heart disease. Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet can lower your risk of heart disease. This may lower your risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) and improve your sexual health by making it easier for blood to flow through your body.

Other research also shows that men are likely to have low testosterone levels if they eat a lot of junk food but not enough healthy food.

Diet and PE may also have something to do with how people think and feel. Obviously, eating junk food all the time isn’t good for your body, and bad eating habits might also affect how you feel about your body.

Simply put, unhealthy eating habits don’t directly cause sexual performance problems like PE and ED, but they may indirectly contribute to them by affecting your overall health and well-being.

How to Treat Premature Ejaculation

The good news is that premature ejaculation can be fixed, just like other common problems with sexual performance. Most of the time, PE can be treated with a combination of over-the-counter treatments, good habits, behavioral therapies, and, if necessary, prescription PE medications.

Eat a healthy diet

Even though making changes to your diet probably won’t fix your early ejaculation all at once, a good diet can help your overall health, sexual function, and quality of life.

Try to eat a balanced diet with a lot of foods that are high in nutrients. Our lists of good foods to prevent erectile dysfunction and boost testosterone talk about certain ingredients that you might want to focus on for your sexual health in general.

Even though there isn’t a lot of research in general, one small study suggests that low magnesium levels may be linked to ejaculating too early.

Pumpkin seeds, almonds, spinach, black beans, potatoes, rice, and edamame are all good sources of magnesium. Also, dark chocolate is a great way to get magnesium, zinc, and other important nutrients.

Use behavioral techniques to delay ejaculation

Small changes in the way you have sex can sometimes help you delay orgasm and keep you from ejaculating too soon.

The stop-start technique and the squeeze technique are two common ways to treat PE. With the stop-start technique, you temporarily stop sexual activity when you feel an orgasm coming on. With the squeeze technique, you squeeze your penis near the tip to delay orgasm.

Even though there isn’t much research on how well these techniques work in the long run, many men find that they work in the short term to increase ejaculation time and treat PE.

Try topical PE treatments

Most of the time, you can treat early ejaculation with creams and sprays that go on the skin, like our Delay Spray for Men and Clockstopper Climax Delay Wipes.

Topical treatments for PE work by making your penis less sensitive without making it too numb. This makes the physical feeling of sex less intense, so you can stay with the person longer after penetration.

Most sprays and anesthetic creams can be bought without a prescription and used five to fifteen minutes before sex. This is helpful if you want to treat PE without going straight to a doctor.

In our guide to lidocaine spray for premature ejaculation, we explain in more detail how topical sprays work, how well they work, what side effects they might cause, and more.

Consider prescription medication

If you have premature ejaculation that doesn’t get better with over-the-counter treatments and behavioral changes, your doctor might suggest that you take medicine to slow down the process of reaching orgasm and help you maintain a normal ejaculation time.

Even though there are no FDA-approved pills for premature ejaculation, some antidepressants are often given off-label as premature ejaculation pills.

For example, the antidepressants sertraline and paroxetine are often used outside of their approved uses to delay orgasm and treat ejaculation that happens too early.

The way these medicines work is by making your body make more serotonin. Researchers think that serotonin stops ejaculation, which means that it makes it take longer to reach orgasm during sex.

Our guide on how to use sertraline for early ejaculation goes into more detail about how SSRIs can help slow down ejaculation and give you more sexual energy.

Get expert help for premature ejaculation online

Contrary to what most people think, there is no strong scientific evidence that certain foods speed up orgasm and cause men to ejaculate too soon.

But a bad diet and way of life can hurt your overall health, which may make you more likely to get some sexual disorders. PE affects a lot of men, so if you are one of them, try to eat well and live a balanced, active life in general.

Our range of treatments for premature ejaculation includes tried-and-true ways to deal with PE directly, like wipes, sprays, and prescription medications that can be ordered online after a consultation with a licensed medical professional.

Want more information about PE? Our full guide to premature ejaculation tells you everything you need to know about this common problem with sexual performance, from what causes it to the latest research on how to treat it.

pe mental causes

7 Premature Ejaculation Mental Causes And Top 5 Treatments

pe mental causes
How you deal with your feelings may have an effect on how bad your premature ejaculation is.

If you are one of the tens of millions of American men who have premature ejaculation (PE), you may have wondered what causes your symptoms.

Experts don’t know for sure what causes a man to ejaculate too soon. But research shows that at least some of it has to do with the mind, with anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem being common risk factors.

Even when it’s caused by a mental health problem, premature ejaculation is almost always treatable.

Below, we’ll talk about what premature ejaculation is and how your mental health may affect your risk of getting it.

We’ve also talked about what you can do to treat premature ejaculation and improve your sexual function, including psychotherapy, over-the-counter products, prescription drugs, and more.

What Is Premature Ejaculation?

Early ejaculation is a common sexual issue that affects approximately 30% of adult men. It’s often called “rapid ejaculation” and is thought to be the most common problem with men’s sexual performance.

There are different clinical definitions of early ejaculation. Early ejaculation is defined by the DSM-5 as ejaculation that happens during sexual activity within about one minute of vaginal penetration, before the person wants it to, and for no clear medical reason.

During sex, it’s normal to sometimes get an orgasm and ejaculate before you want to. To be called premature ejaculation, this problem usually has to happen almost every time you and your partner have sex and causes clinically significant distress.

Early ejaculation can be mild or severe. Some men with mild PE can have sex for 30 to 60 seconds before they have to ejaculate. For some people, PE is a serious problem that can cause them to ejaculate before penetration or at the start of sexual activity.

Our guide to premature ejaculation goes into more detail about the most common signs of PE and how they may affect you if you tend to have this sexual function problem.

What kinds of mental problems lead to premature ejaculation?

A few common mental factors are:

1. Strict upbringing

This means that a man has been made to think that having a sexual relationship is a shameful thing that should only be done for religious reasons, like having children.

Another possibility is to think that sexual activity is only okay in very specific situations like marriage.

In the worst cases, the man may have been told that sexual activity is dirty and sinful and that he should avoid it at all costs.

Given this, it’s probably not too surprising that men who were raised in this way will fear and dread the sex act.

This is a common sign of early ejaculation in young men, like teenagers, who have been raised in this way or who are afraid of getting a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Another fear that people have is that they will get pregnant.

2. Sexual inexperience

Another factor is that young men, in particular, don’t have much sexual experience. Many young men put a lot of value on their sexual performance and ability to get laid, and they are often eager to show off their virility. This is tied to their sense of masculinity in general, so not being able to perform is seen as a slur on their sense of identity and masculinity.

3. Early conditioning

A man’s later sexual behavior is often affected by what he did when he was young. So, if he has done sexual things in a certain way, this is likely to affect how he acts in the future.

One example of this is quickly ejaculating to hide the fact that you are masturbating. This is also true for being afraid of being caught having sex.

What ends up happening is that the man rushes the sexual act to reach the climax quickly and finishes the act, but this makes things worse. It causes the man to get used to acting this way, which causes him to ejaculate too soon.

Once you’ve gotten used to doing something, it’s hard to stop doing it.

Some men find that their fathers behaved the same way, which could mean that it is in their genes and not something they learned. But this is only true in some situations.

4. Traumatic background or a previous event

If a man has been through a traumatic event in his life, it can cause sexual problems like ejaculating too soon. In some cases, it can lead to a permanent sexual problem or even behavior that is not okay in society.

A traumatic event can be anything from being caught masturbating to having sex with a stranger when you were a child. Male rape is another very bad thing that can happen.

Anxiety, or what most people call “nerves,” is another possible cause. If you are nervous before having sex, you will probably ejaculate too quickly.

5. Stress

Some stress is good for you because it can help you focus on a task or do better at something, like public speaking. But problems happen when stress lasts for a long time or is very strong.

This can lead to a number of health problems, like a drop in libido and trouble keeping an erection (erectile dysfunction). It can also cause you to ejaculate too soon.

If you are stressed out, for example because of pressures at work, worries about money, or problems with a relationship, this will affect how well you do in bed.

6. Depression

About 1 in 10 people has this common illness, which is serious and lasts for a long time. It can lead to a low mood, trouble sleeping, a lack of motivation, and a lower sex drive, among other things.

When a person is depressed, they often lose interest in having sex. But the signs of their illness make it hard for them to get and keep an erection.

7. Behavioral causes of premature ejaculation

There are a few behavioral factors that are often linked to relationship problems between couples when a man ejaculates too soon.

Sexual intimacy can be hurt by not talking to each other well, having underlying tensions, or harboring resentments. If one person in a couple is stressed out or unhappy, they won’t be able to enjoy sex or reach a satisfying climax.

If a man feels like he needs to perform or is worried about his relationship with his partner, this is likely to affect his ability to get an erection and/or ejaculate. Most of the time, this leads to ejaculating too soon.

How to treat mental premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can be very frustrating when it affects your sexual intimacy, satisfaction, and ability to keep a sexual relationship going.

Whether your early ejaculation is caused by a mental health problem or a physical one, it can be treated.

PE can be treated with a variety of methods, including therapy to deal with underlying mental health problems, behavioral techniques, over-the-counter products, and even prescription drugs. We’ll talk about these treatment options and how each can help you do better in the bedroom.

1. Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can often help when early ejaculation is caused by bad thoughts, feelings, or mental health problems like anxiety or depression.

Psychotherapy, also known as “talk therapy,” is a method of identifying and changing negative emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.You can do it alone with a mental health professional or with other people in a support group.

Therapy can help you feel less worried about having sex and give you more confidence in the bedroom. It can also help with any mental problems that come from or are made worse by ejaculating too early.

But research isn’t clear on how well it works as a treatment for PE. For it to work, people have to follow the rules and spend a lot of time on it. There are also some signs that it might not work as well over time.

Your mental health professional may give you medicine to take at the same time to help you get more out of therapy. We’ll talk more about PE medications down below.

2. Other mental health treatments

If your early ejaculation is caused by a mental health problem like an anxiety disorder or clinical depression, your mental health provider may give you medicine to treat your mental health symptoms.

Antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs like benzodiazepines and buspirone are often used to treat mental health problems.

3. Behavioral techniques

Over the years, a number of behavioral techniques have been developed to help men with PE slow down ejaculation and orgasm. Some of these are precoital masturbation, the “squeeze” method, and the “stop-start” method.

As the name suggests, precoital masturbation is when you sex yourself to the point of orgasm before you plan to have sex. This method takes advantage of the fact that you may find it harder to ejaculate again during your refractory period. But there isn’t much information about how well it works.

In the squeeze method, you squeeze around the head and shaft of your penis as you feel yourself getting ready to ejaculate or have an orgasm. This can make you less likely to want to ejaculate, which can make sex last longer.

Stopping stimulation when you feel a sensation or orgasm coming on is part of the stop-start method. Like the squeeze technique, it’s a simple way to deal with PE that you and your partner can use during sex on its own or in combination with other treatments.

4. OTC treatments

Medications that make your penis less sensitive to pain are often used to treat premature ejaculation. These products come in sprays, creams, and wipes, and most of them have topical anesthetics that make the skin less sensitive.

For example, our Delay Spray for Men has lidocaine in it, which helps to make your penis less sensitive without making it too numb.

Even though these products won’t fix the psychological problems that may be causing your PE, they can help you feel better about yourself by delaying ejaculation and making it easier to perform in bed.

In a recent study, researchers found that a lidocaine spray significantly increased the mean time to ejaculation (IELT) and the number of times men with PE went to the bathroom.

Our guide to lidocaine spray for premature ejaculation goes into more detail about how topical PE treatments work, how to use them, possible side effects, and more.

5. Prescription medications

Even though there isn’t a specific FDA-approved drug for PE yet, a number of medications are used off-label to treat PE.

As of right now, SSRIs like fluoxetine (sold as Prozac®), sertraline (Zoloft®), paroxetine (Paxil®), escitalopram (Lexapro®), and others are the most commonly prescribed drugs for PE right now.

The way these medicines work is by making your brain and body make more serotonin. Experts think that low levels of serotonin, which shorten the time it takes to ejaculate, may cause men to ejaculate too soon.

Most SSRIs that are used to treat PE must be taken every day. You might not be able to control ejaculation better for two to three weeks after taking these medicines.

According to research, many SSRIs work well as treatments for PE. For example, a review and meta-analysis of the drug sertraline found that it lengthens the average time it takes to ejaculate and improves sexual satisfaction in men who ejaculate too early.

We offer sertraline online for early ejaculation after a consultation with a health care provider. The provider will decide if a prescription is needed.

Even though researchers don’t know for sure what causes PE, most of the research points to it being at least partly psychological.

PE can be caused by a number of mental health problems, such as anxiety, severe stress, depression, and low self-esteem. Some sex-related thoughts and actions, such as a lack of confidence or having unrealistic expectations, may also play a role.

If you ejaculate early and think it might be because of a mental health problem, you might want to talk to a mental health professional.

You can do this by getting a referral from your primary care provider or by using our online mental health services from home. With our range of treatments for premature ejaculation, you can also get medications that have been shown to work.

With the right mix of mental health care and medication, you can definitely get your PE under control and have a satisfying, fulfilling sex life.

home remedies for pe

Top 5 Premature Ejaculation Home Remedies

home remedies for pe
Here are a few of the many home remedies that are used to treat early ejaculation and increase stamina.

Tired of having to deal with premature ejaculation (PE)? You’re not alone. Early ejaculation is a common sexual problem for men. According to research, about one in three adult men will have it at some point in their lives.

Premature ejaculation can happen for a number of reasons, including anxiety about ejaculating too soon during sex, physical problems like a sensitive penile, changes in hormones, or inflammation in the urethra or prostate.

Most of the time, you can treat early ejaculation with medicines like paroxetine (the active ingredient in Paxil®), sertraline (the active ingredient in Zoloft®), and topical treatments like our Delay Spray for Men, which has lidocaine in it.

Some of these treatments, like paroxetine and sertraline, change how your brain acts when you are sexually active.

Some, like lidocaine-based sprays, creams, and condoms, work by making your penis less sensitive, which slows down the rate at which you reach orgasm.

But what about home treatments that work to stop premature ejaculation? People talk a lot about pelvic floor exercises, masturbating before sex, and some health supplements, but do these things really work?

Here are some of the many home remedies used to treat premature ejaculation and boost stamina.

For each remedy, we looked at the scientific evidence to see if it’s worth trying to slow down ejaculation, improve your sexual function, and help you have more satisfying, enjoyable sex with your partner.

1. Pills and supplements for premature ejaculation

There are many kinds of pills and supplements that can help you ejaculate early, including nutritional supplements that you can buy online.

But how many of them really work to improve sexual stamina and prevent PE? At the moment, researchers haven’t found an effective herbal treatment that stops men from ejaculating too early.

Zinc is a supplement that is often suggested as a natural way to stop ejaculating too early. Zinc is good for men’s health in a number of ways, including helping men with hypogonadism make more testosterone.

In fact, a study that was published in the journal Nutrition found that when men took a zinc supplement, their serum testosterone levels went up.

But there is no evidence that zinc supplements improve sexual stamina or stop men from ejaculating too soon.

Does this mean that taking a zinc supplement isn’t a good idea? Of course not. Zinc is one of the best and most important minerals for men, and it can help your body in a lot of ways.

Even though zinc might have some benefits, there isn’t yet good evidence that it delays ejaculation in men with PE.

Magnesium is another mineral that has been linked to ejaculating too soon. Some research has shown that not getting enough magnesium may hurt your sexual health and could cause you to ejaculate too soon.

In a study done in 2001, researchers compared the amount of magnesium in the sperm of normal, healthy men to the amount of magnesium in the sperm of men who ejaculated too early.

The researchers found that the sperm of men who ejaculated early had less magnesium than the sperm of other men, which suggests that magnesium levels may affect some parts of a man’s sexual function.

In the study, the researchers thought that low magnesium levels could cause vasoconstriction (narrowing of the blood vessels, which reduces blood flow) and lower nitric oxide levels in the penis, which may lead to less sexual function.

They also thought that magnesium might have something to do with how semen moves through the reproductive system.

So, are there any foods that can help with ejaculating too early? Magnesium-rich foods like green leafy vegetables, fruits, beans, peas, nuts, seeds, and some fish (like salmon) may help your sexual health and function in some ways.

But there isn’t yet any scientific evidence that magnesium supplements or foods high in magnesium can help with ejaculating too early.

Does this mean that some foods and supplements aren’t helpful? Of course not. Zinc and magnesium are both good for you, especially for men. Just don’t think that either type of supplement will make you ejaculate more quickly overnight, especially if you aren’t getting any other treatment.

2. Premature ejaculation prevention techniques

Even though science hasn’t yet found specific foods and supplements that can reduce the severity of premature ejaculation, research has shown that some do-it-yourself techniques can improve sexual stamina and performance.

These include exercises that strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and easy things you can do during sex to lessen the feeling and put off ejaculating.

Exercises for the pelvic floor

Pelvic floor exercises, also called kegel exercises, are simple exercises you can do at home to strengthen the muscles between your pubic bone and tailbone.

The bladder and bowels sit on top of these muscles. Not only do they help you control when you urinate and go to the bathroom, but they also seem to help you control when you ejaculate and have healthy erections.

By working on your pelvic floor muscles, you might be able to improve your sexual health and make premature ejaculation less painful.

For example, a study in the journal Therapeutic Advances in Urology found that men who had always ejaculated too soon had a longer intravaginal ejaculatory latency time (IELT, or time to ejaculate) after six months of pelvic floor rehabilitation exercises.

Another study, which was published in the journal BJU International, found that after three months of pelvic floor training, the erectile function of 40% of men aged 20 and up with erectile dysfunction got better.

In just a few minutes a day, you can train your pelvic floor muscles at home. To get started, try to stop urinating the next time you have to. This will help you find your pelvic floor muscles. You’ll feel your pelvic floor muscles tighten in your bladder and lower pelvis.

While you’re sitting and taking it easy, try to tighten these muscles, then let them go. For a few minutes, repeat this process by tensing your muscles, counting to 10, and then relaxing them and counting to 10.

These exercises can be done three to five times a day, ten times each, to strengthen your pelvic muscles and give you more control over this area of your body. Before you do these exercises, make sure your bladder is empty to avoid pain or injury.

In our full guide to pelvic floor exercises for men, we talk more about the benefits of training your pelvic floor and how you can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

The “Stop-Start” strategy

The stop-start method is an easy way to keep from ejaculating too soon. It means stopping what you’re doing when you feel an orgasm coming on and starting again when you’re sure you’re not about to ejaculate.

If you do it right, the stop-and-start method can help you stay in bed longer without taking drugs to delay orgasm.

But it’s important to do things at the right time. If you wait too long to stop, there’s a good chance you’ll have an early orgasm, which would make the plan useless. If you keep going before you’re sure you’re not about to orgasm, there’s a big chance you’ll climax too soon.

Even though research is limited in scope and quality, it seems that the stop-start method is a good way to treat PE, at least in the short term.

In one article published in the journal Therapeutic Advances in Urology, researchers said that 45 to 65 percent of men who use the stop-start strategy report improvements in the short term, but only 25 percent of men still show improvements after three years.

Still, the stop-start method is worth a try if you have PE and don’t want to take medicine to treat it. It’s easy to do and doesn’t cost anything.

The “Squeeze” technique

The squeeze method is another way you can treat early ejaculation on your own. The squeeze method has been used for decades to delay ejaculation and make sex last longer. It is similar to the stop-start method.

The squeeze technique is exactly what it sounds like: as you start to feel orgasm and ejaculation coming on, you gently squeeze the head of your penis to dull the feeling and give yourself time to feel less excited.

There is no set time for squeezing your penis, but most sources say it should take about 30 seconds. The squeeze technique is similar to the stop-start technique in that you can use it as many times as you want during sex. It lets you delay ejaculation for a long time.

Does the squeeze method really work for PE? Like the stop-start strategy, there isn’t a lot of scientific information about how well the squeeze technique works in the long run.

But since the 1950s, it’s been a common suggestion and a favorite of men with PE, based on what they say. It’s also a simple method you can try at home to see if it slows down the time it takes to get into an orgasmic state and ejaculate.

Masturbating before sex

Masturbating before you plan to have sex is another easy, do-it-yourself way to stop ejaculating too soon and stay in bed longer.

Even though there isn’t any high-quality research to show that masturbating before sex makes ejaculation last longer, many guys say it works.

The idea behind this method is that masturbating sends you into your refractory period, which is a time after you ejaculate when it’s harder (or, in some cases, impossible) to reach orgasm again until you can recover.

With this method, timing is important. It might be easier to have sex if you wait an hour, but it’s important to give your body enough time to recover to avoid problems like erectile dysfunction (ED).

It’s also important to remember that after masturbating, you might feel less interested in having sex for a few hours.

So, you might want to try it out a few times to find out how long it usually takes you to get back into sex while still getting the benefits of being in your refractory period, like having more sexual stamina.

3. Herbal medicine from China

If you’ve ever looked online for natural ways to stop ejaculating too soon, you may have come across suggestions for traditional Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine thinks that problems with the spleen, kidneys, or blood can cause men to ejaculate before they should.

Many Chinese medicine treatments for premature ejaculation are meant to strengthen the kidneys and spleen, improve blood flow, and treat other causes thought to be at the root of the problem.

Even though some of the ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine might improve blood flow throughout the body, there is no good scientific evidence that Chinese herbal medicine increases sexual stamina or treats PE at this time.

4. Extended pleasure condoms

If you don’t want to change what you eat or use other methods to delay ejaculation, you might be able to use special condoms to increase the time it takes for you to ejaculate and avoid PE.

Durex Performax® and Trojan Extended Pleasure® condoms, also known as numbing condoms, have anesthetics on the outside that numb your penis when you wear them.During sex, this means you’ll feel a slightly less intense feeling, which will help you avoid orgasming too soon by accident.

Even though there is no direct scientific proof that these condoms can treat premature ejaculation, there is evidence that the active ingredient in most extended pleasure condoms, benzocaine, helps men last longer before ejaculating.

In a 2017 study, men with an average intravaginal ejaculatory latency time (IELT) of two minutes or less saw an average increase of 231.5 seconds (almost four minutes) after using 4% topical benzocaine wipes for two months.

You can also delay ejaculation by using a thicker condom, which can dull the feeling and keep you from getting orgasmic too soon.

5. PE treatments that have been shown to work

Even though many home remedies for premature ejaculation seem to help a little, the science isn’t very clear on how well they work.

There are a number of treatments for premature ejaculation that have been shown to work. These include over-the-counter creams, sprays, and wipes, as well as prescription drugs that can delay orgasm and ejaculation.

Lidocaine comes in sprays, creams, and wipes

Applying an over-the-counter anesthetic to your penis before sex is one of the best ways to stop early ejaculation.

One of these is lidocaine, which makes your penis less sensitive and gives you more control over ejaculation and orgasm. Lidocaine can be sprayed on the skin, like our over-the-counter Delay Spray for Men.

By putting lidocaine on your penis about 15 minutes before sex, you can make it less sensitive without making it too numb. This lets you enjoy the fun parts of sex without worrying about ejaculating too soon.

As mentioned above, benzocaine is another type of topical anesthetic. It is the main ingredient in our easy-to-use Clockstopper Climax Delay Wipes.

Our guide to lidocaine spray for premature ejaculation goes into more detail about how these anesthetic products work and how you can use them for more sexual stamina and more control over ejaculation.

Inhibitors of selective serotonin reuptake (SSRIs)

SSRIs (which stand for “selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors”) are prescription drugs that are often used to treat depression and anxiety. Some SSRIs are also used off-label to treat other health problems, such as ejaculation before it’s time.

Sertraline (Prozac) and paroxetine are two SSRIs that are often used off-label to treat PE (Paxil). These drugs can help you put off orgasm, giving you more control over how you feel and when you ejaculate in bed.

If you have moderate to severe early ejaculation that doesn’t get better with techniques or if you don’t like the idea of using a spray or wipe before having sex, you might want to try an SSRI.

We offer sertraline and paroxetine online as treatments for PE. A licensed healthcare provider will decide if a prescription is needed after a consultation.

Can PE be fixed without pharmaceuticals?

Both you and your sexual partner can be frustrated and stressed out by early ejaculation. It can affect everything from your sexual confidence to your relationship as a whole. The good news is that it can be treated, so you don’t have to live with it forever.

If you have mild or moderate PE, you might be able to slow down orgasm and ejaculation with natural treatments like healthy eating, dietary supplements, and techniques you can do while you’re being sexual.

But if your premature ejaculation is more severe or keeps happening, you may benefit from using a treatment that you can buy over-the-counter or that your doctor prescribes.

We sell a variety of treatments for premature ejaculation online, including sprays, wipes, and prescription drugs that have been shown to work.

In our full guide on how to stop premature ejaculation for good, you can also find out more about how to treat premature ejaculation and improve your sexual health.

surgery for premature ejaculation

Surgery For Premature Ejaculation: 4 Main Types

surgery for premature ejaculation
If you’ve been thinking about surgery to stop premature, you should read this first.

One of the most common types of sexual dysfunction is ejaculating too soon. If you lined up all the men in the world, there’s a good chance that about 30% of them have dealt with PE at some point in their lives.

When a man ejaculates too soon, it causes a lot of doubt and discomfort during sex.

This is why finding good treatments for premature ejaculation is usually one of the most important things for most men, and sometimes these treatments include surgery for premature ejaculation.

Here’s how surgery can help with premature ejaculation as well as what might cause it.

4 types of surgery for premature ejaculation

If you tend to ejaculate too soon, it can cut your sexual experience short. Medications and psychotherapy are often recommended as ways to help.

These steps may only help for a short time, though.

Even though there aren’t many studies about how well therapy works for treating PE, deciding to stop taking your pills can make you more likely to ejaculate early during sex.

Sometimes, therapy and medicine just don’t work to help people with PE.

When regular treatments don’t work to improve sexual function, surgery for premature ejaculation may be a good choice.

This treatment is especially good for reducing hypersensitivity of the penis, which is a common thing that makes people ejaculate early.

Here are four types of surgery for premature ejaculation that can be used to stop a man from ejaculating too soon:

1. SDN (Selective Dorsal Neurectomy)

Even though it might not look like it from the outside, the penis has nerves that help it feel and talk about what it is feeling.

In particular, the penis’s dorsal nerve helps send signals from the penis and its very sensitive head to the brain (more commonly known as the tip). When it comes to ejaculatory reflexes, this nerve is also very important.

When people who had premature ejaculation all their lives were looked at, it was found that they had more dorsal nerves that were also thicker than expected. People think that these traits make the penis too sensitive, which can lead to ejaculating too soon during sex.

A selective dorsal neurectomy helps make the penis less sensitive by stopping it from becoming too sensitive or excited. This procedure can also help make ejaculation last longer and can make it easier to keep going after penetration.

SDN wants to do this by cutting off extra dorsal nerves to make people less sensitive during sex. In a trial where men with extra foreskins were circumcised and given SDN, those who had always ejaculated before they should have were able to control it better. They also found that after penetration, they could last longer.

A selective dorsal neurectomy is a permanent procedure that is often chosen over medicines that need to be taken every day.

2. Inner condom method

Since it is known that hypersensitivity is a cause of premature ejaculation, this PE treatment also aims to make the penis less sensitive.

To do this, an acellular dermal matrix (ADM) inner condom is put inside the penis. ADM comes from the same thing that skin is made of, so it is safe for humans to use. This is on top of the fact that it lets the penis grow without causing the body’s immune system to react.

By putting ADM into the penis, the goal is to make the skin and the membranes of the penis less sensitive. This can help people with PE delay ejaculation after penetration. Twenty men who had premature ejaculation were put in with inner condoms as part of a study.

This procedure was found to be safe and effective, and it helped patients ejaculate a little bit later.

3. Cryoablation and radiofrequency

You may have heard the word “cryoablation” used to describe a way to treat cancer. This is because the process can kill urinary tumors by freezing and destroying them.

By doing this treatment on the penis’s dorsal nerves, the penis’s hypersensitivity and its response to sexual input signals can be lessened. People often use pulsed radiofrequency to treat pain. But this minimally invasive procedure can also be used to change how the dorsal nerves of the penis work and how sensitive they are.

It does this by sending waves of electricity to the nerves.

4. Hyaluronic acid (HA) gel for penis enhancement

Hyaluronic acid gets most of its attention for its anti-aging effects, but this acid may also help men who ejaculate too early.

This benefit comes in part from the fact that HA is a natural part of the human body. It is found in the skin, eyes, and connective tissue, which is not widely known. This makes it safe to use as a filler for the penis since the body is less likely to have an immune response to it.

When a hyaluronic acid filler is put in the penis, it acts as a bulking agent and creates a barrier between the dorsal nerve and stimulation from the outside. This can help reduce hypersensitivity, making it less likely that you will ejaculate too soon during sex.

In a study that lasted eight months, 20 men who ejaculated too soon were given injections of hyaluronic acid. When these injections were put into the top of the penis, the size and shape of the penis got better.

By the end of the study, the effects had stopped early ejaculation and made the participants and their partners feel more sexually satisfied.

The risks of surgical treatments for premature ejaculation

Even though surgical treatments have been shown to help with premature ejaculation, they are not common in most countries.

The International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) does not recommend either selective dorsal neurectomy or penis augmentation with hyaluronic acid as ways to treat PE. Surgical treatments are especially not good because they can make it more likely that a person will lose their sexual function for good.

Along with this, there aren’t enough studies or data on how well it works or if it’s safe. Some surgeries, like SDN, have been linked to early ejaculation, pain, a curved penis, erectile dysfunction, and even psychotic episodes. Poor blood flow to the tissue has also been caused by surgery, which can cause cells to die. Most of the time, this condition is caused by giving the injection for the procedure in the wrong way.

Even with these risks, surgery is a common way to treat premature ejaculation, especially in places like Korea and China.

How do you know if surgery for premature ejaculation is right for you?

When people are having sex, one of the worst things that can happen is that they finish too soon. When this happens, they look for ways to fix it right away.

There are many ways to treat this condition, but surgery is becoming more popular as a PE solution. This can be done with the inner condom method, selective dorsal neurectomy, cryoablation, or a bigger penis. Read our guide on less invasive ways to stop premature ejaculation if you want to stop ejaculating during sex but aren’t ready for a surgical procedure or the side effects that may come with it.

How to treat premature ejaculation without surgery

While men with PE wait for safe, affordable surgery or other permanent solutions, there are other things they can do in the meantime.

There are ways to stay in bed longer, such as:

  • Promescent Climax Control Spray: This over-the-counter treatment can help you last longer and enjoy sex with your partner more if you use it before you start.
  • Masturbation: If you masturbate before you have sex, it can take longer to climax the second time around. 
  • Foreplay: Spending time focusing on your partner can help you stop thinking about finishing too quickly, or it can help shorten the time between orgasms so you can both feel satisfied. 
  • Lube: By adding more slip, you can slow things down and make them more comfortable for both of you. 
  • New positions: Try some new positions that take some of the friction and pressure off your penis, and you may find that you can go on for longer.
foods for premature ejaculation

Best Foods For Premature Ejaculation: Top 7 Choices

foods for premature ejaculation
Changing your diet is probably one of the most talked-about methods for treating premature ejaculation (PE).

Diet and sexual function in men

It should come as no surprise that the healthier you are overall, the better your sexual ability will be. Therefore consuming certain foods for premature ejaculation isn’t a crazy idea.

This is because, at least in men, sexual function and performance are closely linked to the health of hormones and the heart.

As a man, your sexual drive is largely controlled by sex hormones like testosterone. A high level of testosterone is linked to a strong desire for sex, while a low level of testosterone is linked to a drop in your libido.

In the same way, your cardiovascular system is very important for keeping your blood flowing, which is necessary for maintaining an erection. Many ED drugs, like PDE5 inhibitors, work by increasing blood flow to your penis, which makes it easier and stronger to get an erection.

So, where does your diet come in? Even though eating certain foods for premature ejaculation won’t directly cause or worsen PE, your diet does affect your health in ways that affect your sexual function and performance.

One known risk factor for erectile dysfunction is heart disease. Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet can lower your risk of heart disease. This may lower your risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) and improve your sexual health by making it easier for blood to flow through your body.

Other research also shows that men are likely to have low testosterone levels if they eat a lot of junk food but not enough healthy food.

Diet and PE may also have something to do with how people think and feel. Obviously, eating junk food all the time isn’t good for your body, and bad eating habits might also affect how you feel about your body.

Simply put, unhealthy eating habits don’t directly cause sexual performance problems like PE and ED, but they may indirectly contribute to them by affecting your overall health and well-being.

Can diet affect premature ejaculation?

Eating affects many parts of our health, such as sexual function and the ability to control ejaculation. Some vitamin deficiencies can make this more likely to happen.

For example, getting an early ejaculation is strongly linked to having low vitamin D levels. No one knows exactly how a lack of vitamin D can cause a man to ejaculate before he should. Still, it could be because of its link to anxiety, which turns on the sympathetic nervous system and lowers the threshold for ejaculation.

Low levels of zinc and magnesium in the diet are also linked to a higher risk of ejaculating too early. If you don’t take care of these problems, they can also make this condition worse.

More and more research shows that a higher zinc intake can delay ejaculation and increase the number of penile thrusts. This isn’t too surprising when you think about how zinc helps make testosterone, boosts energy and libido, and makes sperm bigger and move faster.

Basically, eating poorly can make you lack vitamins and minerals, which can cause premature ejaculation. On the other hand, a diet full of vitamins can help improve sexual function and control or stop ejaculation before it’s time.

The 7 most beneficial foods for premature ejaculation

By adding some foods for premature ejaculation to your diet, you can improve your sexual function and make it last longer. You can find out more about dieting for premature ejaculation, or the best foods to eat to prevent or treat this condition, below.

1. Walnuts

Walnuts are full of vitamins and minerals like zinc and magnesium, as well as antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids. All of these nutrients in walnuts make a great food for premature ejaculation.

For instance, low magnesium levels are linked to early ejaculation and more muscle contractions, both of which are common in orgasms. Because of this, men who have PE or want to avoid it must get enough magnesium. Walnuts are not only good for you, but they are also a tasty snack.

2. Avocado

Avocados are healthy, just like walnuts. Avocados have a lot of vitamin C and vitamin E, both of which act as antioxidants. It also has a lot of vitamin K. This vitamin is important because it controls how the blood moves in the body.

Avocado is also a good source of protein and fiber, both of which help you control premature ejaculation and perform better in bed. Your libido can also go up if you eat more avocado. I say yes, to avocado as a food for premature ejaculation.

3. Watermelons

Watermelons are the perfect summer food, and they are also good for men’s sexual health. One study and the articles that went along with it found that the amino acid l-citrulline in watermelons could be like a natural Viagra.

Nitric oxide levels go up when the body turns citrulline into l-arginine. Because of this, watermelons are good for men with ED and can help them get and keep an erection. Watermelons can also help men with premature ejaculation. Now you know that watermelon is one of the foods for premature ejaculation.

4. Garlic

Even though garlic isn’t the “sexiest” food, it can do a lot for a man’s sexual health. Allicin, the main active ingredient in garlic, can improve blood flow, make people feel more sexually aroused, and help with PE and erectile dysfunction.

The best thing about garlic is how simple it is to add to your diet. It also helps your immune system and has many other health benefits.

5. Bananas

Bananas are known for having a lot of potassium, which can help people with high blood pressure. Potassium controls blood pressure and helps people with high blood pressure. But because bananas help the blood flow, they are also good for sexual function.

Bananas, like pineapples, produce enzymes and the antioxidant bromelain, which may make people more sexually interested and help with problems with ejaculating too early. Eating bananas can make you “stronger” and give you more sexual energy. The verdict is that bananas is great food for premature ejaculation.

6. Carrots

You probably don’t think of carrots as one of the foods for premature ejaculation, hoowever you’d be wrong. But you should eat them because they are good for you.

Folic acid, vitamin A, and beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant, are all found in carrots. Some studies show that having low levels of beta-carotene is linked to having less testosterone.

Testosterone is an important hormone for men’s sexual health. Low testosterone levels can lead to a number of problems, including less libido, trouble getting an erection, and PE. Eating carrots as a healthy snack is a great way to improve your ability and make your erections last longer.

7. Oysters

Oysters are known to stimulate sexual desire, which is why they have been used as a sexual medicine for hundreds of years. But they do a lot more than just make you want to have sex.

Oysters are good for men who want to increase sexual activity, improve erectile function, and help premature ejaculation. This is because oysters are high in zinc and vitamin B, as such it is last but not the least choice of food for premature ejaculation.

Other foods for PE

In addition to the foods above, you can eat the following to make your erection last longer and be stronger:

  • Spinach
  • Asparagus
  • Green onions
  • Dark chocolate
  • Lentils
  • Eggs
  • Celery
  • Seafood and fish
  • Mushrooms

Other home remedies for premature ejaculation

A healthy lifestyle is needed to stop early ejaculation. Other than changing your diet, there are other natural ways to stop ejaculating too early and improve your sexual performance.

These things are:

  • Try taking dietary supplements: Many of them help men improve their sexual function and stop ejaculating too early. Zinc pills are a good example of this. 
  • Topical creams: Topical creams are made just for men to help them last longer.
  • Pause-squeeze technique: The “pause-squeeze” method is used to treat premature ejaculation by letting the level of arousal drop before the “climax.”
  • The stop-start technique: The stop-start technique, which is also called “edging” or “orgasm control,” helps to delay climax by making the pleasure last longer.
  • Pelvic floor exercises: Pelvic floor exercises, also called Kegels, are meant to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor and the penile muscles. These muscles have a big effect on how long it takes to ejaculate. These exercises are especially good for people who ejaculate early all their lives.

Losing weight may also help premature ejaculation

Obesity can hurt your overall health, and it could even cause premature ejaculation.

Weight loss can help with a wide range of health problems, from high blood pressure to trouble sleeping. (As a bonus, you might also feel better about yourself, which is great.)

Men who are overweight tend to have more estrogen in their bodies, which can lead to PE.

So you might want to learn something from the Mediterranean diet, which is recommended by a lot of doctors. When you go to bed, you should feel healthy, not wheezy, sleepy, or heavy. This is a step in the right direction.

Other treatments for premature ejaculation

There are a number of things you can do during sex to avoid premature ejaculation, for example:

  • Masturbating an hour or 2 beforehand.
  • Using a thick condom so you don’t feel as much.
  • Having sex on top, so your partner can pull away when you’re getting close.
  • Taking breaks during sexual activity and concentrating on something dull.
  • To stop the “ejaculatory reflex,” he took a deep breath.

As a way to treat premature ejaculation, you and your partner can go to couples therapy, where you can talk about relationship problems and learn how to do masturbation in a way that will delay ejaculation. You can try these techniques at home, but they take a lot of practice to “unlearn” premature ejaculation. These are:

  • The “stop and start” method
  • The “squeeze” technique
  • Do Kegels (learning to control the ejaculatory muscles)

Some people are given antidepressants called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) that slow ejaculation. Or, numbing creams or gels like lidocaine can be used to reduce pain and delay ejaculation.

When to go to the doctor

Men are usually embarrassed to talk to anyone, even doctors, about their sexual functions. But if you tend to ejaculate before you want to during most sexual encounters, you should see your doctor or a urologist.

In other words, if the problem keeps happening, you might want to make an appointment to see a doctor. This is especially important if your PE makes you feel less confident or hurts your relationships.

Remember that premature ejaculation is a common form of sexual dysfunction that can be fixed. These appointments are good for mental health because the doctor explains that having PE sometimes is normal and that most men figure out how to deal with it.

In Conclusion

Premature ejaculation is a common but treatable sexual problem in men. Your diet has a big effect on your sexual function, and it can either aid premature ejaculation or make it worse.

Because of this, you should choose healthy foods for premature ejaculation by adding some of the choices from this article to your diet. You might also want to see a doctor, who can guide you the best way to treat premature ejaculation.

viagra for premature ejaculation in use

Viagra For Premature Ejaculation: Is It Dumb To Use It?

viagra for premature ejaculation in use
If a man takes Viagra right after he ejaculates, he may not have any “down time.”

Premature Ejaculation vs. Erectile Dysfunction

Let’s go over the basics before we start. What’s the difference between ejaculating too soon and not being able to get an erection?

Erectile dysfunction

Most of the time, this happens as we age and our blood flow starts to get worse.

ED causes men to have trouble getting and keeping an erection, which can make them less sexually interested. Having trouble getting or keeping an erection can also be caused by mental issues. Most of the time, younger men get psychogenic E.D. (not all that rare).

Premature ejaculation

This happens to men of all ages, though the severity varies.

You might need treatment for premature ejaculation if you can’t control your ejaculation to the level you want or if you almost always ejaculate within 1 minute after penetration.

Using Viagra for premature ejaculation?

Viagra works by making it easier for blood to flow into the blood vessels and soft tissue of your penis.

This makes it easier to get an erection and keep it. It can also make your erection stronger, which is better for both you and your partner. As a treatment for early ejaculation, PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra (sildenafil citrate), Cialis (tadalafil), or Levitra (vardenafil) are given.

But erectile dysfunction treatments like Viagra for premature ejaculation probably won’t change how long you can have sex before ejaculating or how sensitive you feel when you orgasm and ejaculate during sex. Even so, there are a few interesting studies worth mentioning about how Viagra affects sexual dysfunction:

In a small study published in 2007 in the International Journal of Urology: Official Journal of the Japanese Urological Association, researchers found that the active ingredient in Viagra, sildenafil, made men who ejaculated too soon hold it longer.

In 2005, The Journal of Sexual Medicine published the results of another study that found men who used sildenafil had a small increase in the amount of time before they ejaculated. But compared to the placebo, the increase wasn’t statistically important.

In 2006, the International Journal of Impotence Research said that sildenafil was better at treating PE than other treatments for ED and a placebo. A study in the International Journal of Impotence Research says that sildenafil can cut refractory time by a few minutes. The average amount of time saved in this study was about 9 minutes.

Even though these studies are interesting, they are not enough to make Viagra for premature ejaculation a standard way to increase how long you can stay in bed before you have to ejaculate. But some doctors will still prescribe Viagra to treat PE even though it’s not on the label.

If you do see results, it’s best to think of them as a bonus side effect and not as sildenafil’s main effect. But there is one time when Viagra will definitely help you stay in bed longer.

If you tend to lose your erection during sex and have to stop because you’re no longer hard, Viagra’s effects could help you have sex for longer without being affected by erectile dysfunction. Viagra usually works for up to four hours after you take it.

Viagra has little effect on how long you can last before you climax and ejaculate. It also won’t increase your sex drive, keep you from getting tired, make you less nervous before a performance, or make your penis bigger than usual.

Should You Take Viagra To Last Longer?

If you just want to treat early ejaculation, you shouldn’t take medicine for erectile dysfunction.

There hasn’t been enough evidence to show that it has a real effect, and there haven’t been many studies on it. But if you have both erectile dysfunction and early ejaculation, your doctor may give you one drug to treat both problems.

When you start taking a drug that you can only get with a prescription, it usually means you have a serious problem that needs to be treated. Compared to over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs are more likely to have negative or harmful side effects.

There’s also good news. There are many over-the-counter medicines that can help with early ejaculation.

They include delay sprays and wipes (like Promescent) as well as creams and all-natural products that are made to help you stay in bed longer.

Alternatives to Last Longer in Bed

Even though Viagra (sildenafil) might not be the answer to the question “How to last long in bed?”, it is still something to think about if you have trouble keeping an erection. There are a number of proven, science-backed treatments that can help you hold off on ejaculating and stay in bed longer.

We’ve listed these options below, along with the study results that support each one.

Premature ejaculation spray

Studies show that sprays with lidocaine work very well to stop men from ejaculating too soon. In a 2003 study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, men with PE who used a lidocaine-based spray were able to increase the time it took them to ejaculate from 74 seconds to 11 minutes and 21 seconds. If you want to try this PE treatment, we can send you an over-the-counter delay spray right to your door.

Inhibitors of selective serotonin reuptake (SSRIs)

Some SSRIs, like paroxetine and sertraline, can treat premature ejaculation and make sexual activity last longer before orgasm.

Zoloft’s active ingredient, sertraline, is an SSRI that is used to treat PE and improve sexual performance. A study published in the journal Medicine found that sertraline is effective at making patients and their partners feel more sexually satisfied and extending the time between ejaculations.

Also, a 2007 study published in the journal Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management found that men with premature ejaculation who took paroxetine, fluoxetine, or escitalopram had fewer symptoms and better sexual performance.

Treatments that don’t involve drugs

Besides taking drugs like lidocaine and sertraline, there are other ways to improve your sexual performance and lengthen the time before you ejaculate. Some of these are simple, like masturbating before sex, and some are more complicated, like behavioral therapy.

Our guide on how to stop ejaculating before it’s time goes into more detail about these methods and gives scientific evidence to back up each one.

In Conclusion

If you want to treat premature ejaculation, you should probably stay away from Viagra, unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

Most of the time, these prescription-only drugs are used to treat erectile dysfunction, not early ejaculation. Taking a drug like Viagra for premature ejaculation won’t make it take longer for the male climax to happen. Instead, stick to things that have been made or tested to help you stay in bed longer.

There are many different treatments, so you’ll need to do some research to find the one that works best for you. At-home exercises can be a good place to start, and there is a lot of evidence that a topical treatment like Promescent can help you get even better results.